Prince George and Princess Charlotte look cute in blue to visit their baby brother

Prince William brought his children to the hospital to visit their baby brother—and Princess Charlotte was so excited she couldn't help but wave to everyone.

Prince George and Prince William walking Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

This morning at 11:01, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcomed a baby boy—and five hours later excited siblings Prince George and Princess Charlotte got to meet their little brother.

Proud dad William left the hospital and drove to Kensington Palace to pick up his older children and bring them back to the hospital.

Prince George, Prince William, Princess Charlotte walking Photo: Samir Hussein/WireImage

The trio adorably walked into the hospital together, with the little royals holding onto their dad's hands. They looked quite calm and poised. And I love how they are all matching in blue—William and George also matched in blue when they went to see Charlotte for the first time.

George looked down at the ground and smirked the whole time, but Charlotte seemed love the attention and waved to the crowds.

Princess Charlotte waves to crowd Photo: Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images


She wore her signature floral dress with a cardigan, navy Mary Jane shoes and marching bow in her hair! And her blonde locks have gotten so long.

Princess Charlotte waving to the crowd while arriving at hospital Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

She even turned around and gave one final wave before heading into the hospital.

George actually went to school today (hence why he was still wearing his school uniform) and finished around 3 p.m., but Charlotte didn't have nursery school.

Prince George and Prince William waving Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images


If you remember three years ago, a rather shy George arrived at the hospital to meet his little sister. William took him out of the car and put him down to walk, but the little prince was a wee bit nervous and quickly clamoured back into his dad's arms. He eventually gave the media a wave before heading in to meet Charlotte. My how times have changed—George looked so big today and a bit more confident!

After visiting their new sibling, George and Charlotte will leave with their nanny and slip out the back entrance of the hospital and head back to the palace to await mum, dad and baby's arrival back home. Yes, in just a few hours William, Kate and the royal baby will leave the hospital! See you all then.

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