10 satisfying pasta recipes

There's no dish quite as kid-friendly as pasta. With so many ways to spin it, you'll find a crowd-pleaser here!

By Amy Valm

10 satisfying pasta recipes

10 satisfying pasta recipes

Satisfy your cravings

It’s Italian night around the dinner table and your kids are happy campers. These recipes are guaranteed crowd-pleasers and a hearty way to satisfy your cravings.

10 satisfying pasta recipes

Roasted-Garlic Rosé Sauce

Combine your favourite type of pasta (we prefer a hearty noodle like penne) with this simple restaurant-style sauce.

Get the recipe: Roasted-Garlic Rosé Sauce>

10 satisfying pasta recipes

Pasta Carbonara

Minimal ingredients you likely already have on hand come together to create this tasty dish.

Get the recipe: Pasta Carbonara>

10 satisfying pasta recipes

Potato Gnocchi with Creamy Ham-and-Broccoli Sauce

Your kids won’t even notice the broccoli in this cheesy recipe. 

Get the recipe: Potato Gnocchi with Creamy Ham-and-Broccoli Sauce>

10 satisfying pasta recipes

Spaghetti Nests with Bocconcini Eggs

Little ones will love  helping you make this sweet vegetarian dish.

Get the recipe: Spaghetti Nests with Bocconcini Eggs>

10 satisfying pasta recipes

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10 satisfying pasta recipesPhoto courtesy of Barilla

Spaghetti and Meatballs with a Secret

Even the pickiest eater will love this slurpy dish. They won’t even notice the added dose of veggies secretly tucked away in the meatballs.

Get the recipe: Spaghetti and Meatballs with a Secret>

10 satisfying pasta recipes

Curry and Peanut Noodles with Tofu

If a meatless meal isn’t in the cards for you, try swapping chicken for tofu. 

Get the recipe: Curry and Peanut Noodles with Tofu>

10 satisfying pasta recipes

Easy Caprese Orzo Risotto

Get fancy with this simple-to-make risotto. The teeny-tiny orzo noodles are so cute!

Get the recipe: Easy Caprese Orzo Risotto>

10 satisfying pasta recipes

Ravioli Lasagna

Put a new twist on regular lasagna with this tasty alternative. Oh yeah, you can make it in the slow cooker. 

Get the recipe: Ravioli Lasagna>

10 satisfying pasta recipes

Tortellini Pasta Salad

Cold tortellini salad is the perfect thing for a hot summer night. Or, you know, busy on-the-go nights.

Get the recipe: Tortellini Pasta Salad>

10 satisfying pasta recipesPhoto: Maya Visnyei
This article was originally published on Nov 11, 2018

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