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Top 20 baby names in Nova Scotia for 2015

What are the most popular baby names in Nova Scotia? Take a guess and see our list!

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We made a list of the top baby names in Nova Scotia based on provincial government statistics. Did your baby’s name make the list? We’ll be posting more lists in the days to come so check back soon.


1. Owen
Desire Born

2. William
Strong-willed warrior

3. Liam
Strong-willed warrior

4. Benjamin
Son of my Right Hand

5. Oliver
Elf army

6. Jack
Diminutive form of John or Jackson

7. Jacob

8. Mason
Stone worker

9. Hunter
One Who Hunts

10. Logan
From the hollow

11. Noah
Rest, Peace

12. Carter
Driver of a Cart

13. Ethan
Firm, Strong

14. Wyatt
Guide; wide; wood

15. Jackson
Son of Jack

16. Emmett

17. Henry
Ruler of the Home

18. Lucas
From Lucania

19. Parker
Park Keeper

20. Alexander
Defender of the People


1. Ava
Like a Bird

2. Olivia
Elf Army

3. Emma

4. Charlotte

5. Sadie

6. Abigail
Joy of the Father

7. Emily
To Strive or Excel or Rival

8. Scarlett

9. Sophia

10. Amelia
To Strive or Excel or Rival

11. Audrey
Noble and strength

12. Madison
Son of Matthew

13. Sophie

14. Chloe
Verdant and blooming

15. Grace
Grace of God

16. Nora

17. Addison
Child of Adam

18. Alexis
Defender of the People

19. Autumn
Born in the fall

20. Brooklyn
New York Borough

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