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Our favourite baby names for fall

Do you have a baby on the way this fall? Consider these sweet seasonal baby names.

Our favourite baby names for fall

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Fall is the perfect nesting time as you celebrate the harvest with warming soups and stews, and get ready to settle in with a newborn. Choosing a baby name that reflects the richness of the season is a perfect way to honour this special time in your life.


There's a reason Autumn is by far the most popular name when it comes to the seasons. It's pretty without being frilly and instantly evokes all those warm fall associations.


Juniper, after the berry-producing evergreen bush, is a fresh and funky name that is starting to gain popularity. You also have to love that classic children's author Margaret Wise Brown sometimes used the ultimate fall pen name, Juniper Sage.


Jadon (commonly spelled Jaden) is right on trend as one of the more popular boys names. The Hebrew name meaning thankful is perfect for anyone welcoming a new baby into their family at this time of year.



Pronounced "cho" (rhymes with show), Qiu is the Chinese word for autumn. It's traditionally a unisex name but would be super cute on baby boy and a great homage to any Chinese ancestry.


Apple is just as sweet a moniker as the fall harvest fruit it's named after. It's cute and different, plus good enough for Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin.


The pretty Arabic name Shakira means thankful and captures the essence of the season. Your baby sharing a name with the fierce pop singer is just a happy coincidence.



Anything woodsy is reminiscent of fall, and Asher means one who dwells near the ash trees. It's such a dashing name that it also works when shortened to Ash.


Octavian has the same roots in Latin as October, without being overly obvious. It also has a rich connection to Roman history and Shakespeare for your little egghead.



Maize has a retro feel without actually being retro. Related to the names May, Maeve and Maisie, Maize is clearly doing it's own thing, conjuring up images of rich yellows and an abundant fall harvest.


Sorrel comes from Old French and brings to mind the coppery reddish browns of fall. It's also just a super-sweet, snuggly name for any wee lad.

This article was originally published on Sep 13, 2020

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