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10 sweet unisex baby names

Unisex baby names are gaining popularity. Here are a few of our faves.

By Candace Alper

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1. AubreyThis French name has become a popular girls' name, in Canada. But with a meaning of "Elfin king," it still works for boys, too. Drake is a famous Aubrey!

2. Drew Well, Drew Barrymore's name isn't so unique anymore. Short for Andrew and meaning "wise," this Welsh name is traditionally for boys. But such a strong, simple name works equally as well for girls. You can even spell it with an extra "e" (Drewe) to feminize it.

3. ElliotThe name Elliot definitely gained popularity after the premiere of the now classic movie E.T. Meaning "Old Welshman," it has been largely viewed as a boy's name until recently. Parents can spell Elliot in a variety of ways and even feminize with: Elliotte or Elliette. Either way, it's a wonderful unisex baby name that will carry a child well into adulthood.

4. KadenMeaning "fighter," this Scottish name is a strong, almost musical, name for your baby. It can be spelled in a variety of ways, including: Kaiden, Kayden, Kaeden, Kadyn, Khaidyn, Kaidyn and Caden.

5. Finley The name Finley, meaning "fair-haired courageous one," is a fantastic choice for both sexes—even if your baby has brown or black hair! The best part of this name is the variety spellings: Finlay, Finlea, Finlee, Findley, Findlay, Finnlea and Finnley. This leaves you lots of room to personalize your baby's name.

6. KyleThis one might surprise some. While Kyle is still thought of as a boys' name, more and more parents choose to call their girls Kyle, as well. And why not? Meaning "narrow" or "straight," this Gaelic name easily works for both sexes. If you want to alter the spelling a little, try Kile.

7. MasonA popular name among celebrities (Kourtney Kardashian and Melissa Joan Hart),  Mason simply means "works with stone." With such strength and simplicity, you can see why parents would choose this name for either a boy or a girl.

8. MaxJessica Simpson put this name on the map when she named her daughter Maxwell after her husband and his grandmother. Mark Zuckerberg's daughter Maxima wears the moniker well, too. Meaning "capable" or "Mac's pool" (maybe your baby likes water?), this is a strong unisex name for any baby.

9. SpencerSpencer was traditionally considered a boy's name (remember Spencer Tracy?) or a surname (Princess Diana's last name was Spencer). However, it is quickly gaining in popularity as a name for girls, as well. Its meaning "dispenser of provisions" lends itself to either boys or girls.

10. James First introduced as a gender neural name by the arrival of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' daughter, this biblical name, which is often shortened to Jamie, means supplanter.

This article was originally published on Dec 15, 2015