Drumroll, please! The most popular baby girl name in the world is...

Find out why everyone is giving their baby girl this pretty name.

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Get ready to see a whole lot more Sophias at daycare, on the playground and pretty much everywhere you go with your kid from now on because it's been deemed the most popular girl name in the world.

A new analysis by creator, Laura Wattenberg, found the name Sophia (and its variants) to be the top baby name in nine countries; including Russia, Mexico and Italy. In 20 other countries—including the United States—Sophia held either the second or third spot for most popular name for girls. Last year, it was the third most popular name in Canada. The name is also on the top 25 list in countries where baby name statistics are reported (mostly Europe and the Americas).

The name Sophia means "wisdom," which is probably why it's so sought after in both Christian and Muslim countries, and in countries that speak several languages. However it's important to note that many large countries, like Brazil, India, China and Nigeria, don't report their baby names.

"It just blew me away that so many different languages and cultures would arrive at the same sound at the same time," Wattenberg told Live Science. "I guess that really says something about the way culture is transmitted today."

And who can blame parents, the name has been everywhere as of late! Sofia Vergara, Sophia Bush, Sofia the First, Sophie the Giraffe are just a few notable ones.

So if you're expecting, maybe you'll find this name at the top of your list, too.


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