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Most popular baby names in Britain: Which prince came out on top?

It's Prince George vs. Prince William vs. Prince Harry—whose name is most popular in Britain?

prince george and prince william Photo: Kensington Palace (@kensingtonroyal via Twitter)

Prince William and Prince George may be future kings, but Prince Harry wins when it comes to inspiring baby names in Britan.

A new list from the Office for National Statistics shows "Harry" is the third most popular baby name in Britain for 2014. "George" came in at No. 7 and William is No. 10. I can't say I'm surprised that Harry was so high on the list—who wouldn't want to share a name with this dashing dancer?


For the second year in a row, "Amelia" and "Oliver" were the most popular baby names in Britain.

Boys: 1. Oliver 2. Jack 3. Harry 4. Jacob 5. Charlie 6. Thomas 7. George 8. Oscar 9. James 10. William

Girls: 1. Amelia 2. Olivia 3. Isla 4. Emily 5. Poppy 6. Ava 7. Isabella 8. Jessica 9. Lily 10. Sophie


This is the first year that "George" topped "William" in terms of popularity. I love ya, Wills, but really, you can't compete with this cuteness:

"Charlotte" was surprisingly not on this year's list, but I have no doubt that next year it will be at the top, thanks to our new little princess. Though, "Charlotte" is No. 5 on this year's top baby names in Canada!

I was quite excited to see "Isla" in the third spot. The Queen's great-granddaughter is named Isla—she's the daughter of Peter Phillips and his Canadian wife Autumn. So, I like to think of Isla as our Canadian Princess.

If you're looking for a little British baby name inspiration, check out some of these regal suggestions.

This article was originally published on Aug 17, 2015

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