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12 new baby and kid products our editors are loving this month

From a palm-sized breast pump to a toy that prevents your kids from trashing the house, parents are going to love these new launches.

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12 new baby and kid products our editors are loving this month

Our inboxes are flooded with the latest and greatest in new parenting products every day. From exciting new toys and clever innovations for baby to tools that help make raising kids just a little bit easier, our editors have selected some of their favourite launches this month.

stylish kids playroom Photo: Crate & Kids

1. Crate and Kids

In January, Crate & Barrel launched their popular baby and kids line in Canada and we couldn't be more excited. With stylish furniture, storage solutions, bedding and more, pieces offer a fashion-forward option for design-conscious parents — Simone Olivero, Senior Editor

Storage bins starting from $13,

colourful indoor ball Photo: Ollyball

2. Ollyball

My kids play ball in the house all. the. time. and while we haven't had a broken vase yet, I know that day is coming—which is why the Ollyball really appeals to me. Finally, stress-free indoor ball games. The fact that kids can colour it is a bonus. — Kim Shiffman, Editor-in-Chief

mother with infant in bassinet Photo: 4moms

3. 4moms mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet


4Moms, the same company that makes the popular undulating egg-shaped infant seat, has launched their own mobile bassinet at a third of the price of Dr. Harvey Karp's SNOO. The clean, all-white design will please minimalist moms, and it meets safe sleep criteria: a firm, flat surface and breathable mesh sides. (It's nice to be able to take a peek when your little one is fussing.) Like the SNOO, the Mamaroo has several motion settings (like swooping side-to-side, or gently dipping up and down) to soothe your baby back to sleep, plus a vibration function and a built-in sound machine. You can control it with an app on your phone, too. Considering the bassinet is something your baby will only use for the first few months, we love that it's a lot more affordable: the SNOO is about $1500 to buy in Canada. — Ariel Brewster, Senior Editor

woman using resistance band to workout Photo: GoZone

4. G0Zone

Like a lot of parents, sometimes I'm too busy to hit the gym, so I like that I can still get a quick workout in at home with GO Zone's new equipment. I especially love using the resistance band during squats—the wide strap makes it super comfortable on my legs. — Kevin John Siazon, Assistant Editor

from $10,

young child wearing trendy sunglasses Photo: Weefarers

5. WeeFarers


Happy to concede my title of "best dressed in the family" to my daughter wearing these this summer. I’ll also appreciate their thoughtful durability, especially in the iron grip of a flailing toddler. — Amy Van Es, Deputy Editor

from $33,

environmentally-friendly backpack diaper bag Photo: Skip Hop

6. Skip Hop Go Envi Eco-Friendly Diaper Backpack

I was an early adopter of the diaper backpack versus traditional shoulder bag, but I also love that this bag is made from recyclable materials, is dad-friendly and something I would likely use as a regular backpack post-baby — Simone Olivero, Senior Editor

baby monitor and phone showing what it's monitoring Photo: Miku

7. Miku Smart Baby Monitor

Remember when baby monitors only let you know if your baby was crying? The Miku Smart Baby Monitor tracks your baby's sleep breathing, sounds and sleep patterns—without actually touching your baby! An accompanying smartphone app alerts you to any changes. — Kim Shiffman, Editor-in-Chief



two kids sitting on colourful stools Photo: ErgoErgo

8. KidsErgo ergonomic stool

I have three kids, so I know sitting still doesn't come naturally to little ones. And with research that shows movement can actually help kids learn, the KidsErgo is a great option for all kids—but especially those who have trouble sitting still in class or at home. With this chair kids sit actively, engaging the core, and are able to move their upper bodies freely. — Claire Gagne, Senior Editor

breast pump with accessories Photo: Medela

9. Medela Freestyle Flex

Say goodbye to that big, clunky breast pump. This little guy fits in the palm of your hand and only weighs less than a pound. Bonus: the rechargeable battery will last for up to eight double-pumping sessions. It's not cheap, but if you're looking for ease and convenience, this is your pump. — Simone Olivero, Senior Editor

safety device for car seats Photo: CoPilot

10. CoPilot Carseat Alert System


I've never been one to say "I would never forget my kids in the car." I'm well aware of what sleep deprivation can do to the brain and a device like the CoPilot, that alerts you if you walk away from your car with your baby still strapped into the carseat, gives peace of mind. — Claire Gagne, Senior Editor

baby sitting in supportive chair Photo: Upseat

11. Upseat

A Canadian company has designed an alternative to the Bumbo, new this year. The Upseat, which was featured on Dragon's Den, is a little bigger than the Bumbo and better able to accommodate those deliciously chunky baby thighs as your little one grows. (It's for kids four months to 2.5 years old!) While experts don't recommend the use of these sit-me-up seats before your baby can actually sit up on their own, they're certainly handy when you need to keep your baby contained for a couple minutes. There's a tray for toys or snacks, and a convenient carry handle. It'll also save space in a cramped kitchen: it doubles as a booster seat or travel high chair, with straps to secure it to a regular chair. — Ariel Brewster, Senior Editor

baby food blender Photo: Nutribullet

12. Nutribullet Baby

This was easily the most used appliance for the first year of our little one’s life. It made light work of perfectly portioned meals, and continues to be useful in our post-puree world since it’s the ideal size for sauces and salad dressings. I plan to buy them for all my friends as they announce their pregnancies. — Amy Van Es, Deputy Editor

This article was originally published on Mar 02, 2020

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