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14 inventive products for starting solids with your baby

Make starting solids with your baby a teensy bit easier, a little less messy and a lot more fun with the right gear and gadgets.

Plate, bib, and back of bib.

Photo: Carmen Cheung

1. EZPZ Plate and Bapron bib set

If your baby doesn’t tolerate a bib, tie-on ones are harder to yank off than Velcro ones. (But always supervise your baby while they’re eating, for safety reasons.) The matching EZPZ suction placemat-and-plate combo thwarts babies who like to chuck their bowls across the kitchen. EZPZ plate and matching Bapron bib set, $48.

Munchkin spoon attachments for purée pouches.

Photo: Carmen Cheung

2. Munchkin screw-on spoon attachments for purée pouches

Some dietitians and baby development experts dislike purée pouches because babies and toddlers tend to just suck straight from the pouch, instead of learning to eat with utensils. With these screw-on spoon attachments, you don’t have to squirt the purée into a bowl at all. Munchkin spoon attachments, $6 for 2.

Healthy Planet reusable pouches.

Photo: Carmen Cheung

3. Healthy Planet reusable purée pouches

Baby food pouches are super convenient, but instead of buying countless disposable ones that will end up in a landfill, try these refillable, dishwasher-safe reusable pouches. Fill them with unsweetened applesauce, yogurt or homemade purées. Healthy Planet reusable purée pouches, $17 for 6.

Purée freezer tray.

Photo: Courtesy of Indigo

4. BEABA silicone freezer tray for purées

Freeze homemade baby food blends in this cute silicone tray, which makes it easy to pop out and thaw a single portion. BEABA silicone freezer tray for purées, $29.

BEABA Steamer and Blender.

Photo: Courtesy of Indigo

5. BEABA Babycook steamer and blender

If you already own a food-processor, you don’t necessarily need to buy a special all-in-one appliance solely for making baby food, but they can be handy. (And this sleek model will look great on your kitchen counter.) BEABA Babycook steamer and blender, $220.

Silicone squirt spoon.

Photo: Carmen Cheung

6. BOON Squirt silicone baby food dispensing spoon

This is another way to avoid piles of dirty dishes in the sink: load the handle of this refillable spoon with the purée you’re serving. BOON Squirt silicone baby food dispensing spoon, $10.

Tiny silicone spoons for infant training.

Photo: Carmen Cheung

7. EZPZ Tiny Spoon silicone infant training spoons

These itty-bitty training spoons for self-feeding babies are adorable and easy to grip. EZPZ Tiny Spoon silicone infant training spoons, $20 for 2.

Starter spoon.

Photo: Carmen Cheung

8. NumNum GOOtensils pre-spoon

When babies are just learning to handle a spoon, the food tends to slide right off. Getting the goop to stay in the scoop is easier with something called a starter spoon. NumNum GOOtensils pre-spoon, $17 for 2.

Bumkin splash mat for high chairs.

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

9. Bumkins waterproof high chair splash-mat

If you’ve got a nice rug in the dining room, you’re going to want to protect it from sippy-cup spills and food that’s been flung off the high chair. An office mat (like the kind used under wheeled or rolling chairs) will work, as will this patterned Bumkins waterproof high chair splash-mat, $30.

Four colourful Munchkin bowls with spoons.

Photo: Carmen Cheung

10. Set of four Munchkin Love-A-Bowls with snap-on lids and two spoons

If you’re on the go, a bowl with a snap-on lid minimizes mess. You can’t beat the price on this set of four Munchkin Love-A-Bowls and two spoons, $8.

Feeding spoon set.

Photo: Carmen Cheung

11. BÖRJA feeding and baby spoon set

Longer utensils are better for when you’re spooning purées into your infant’s mouth, but a baby who insists on feeding themselves will have more success with a shorter spoon handle. (One tip is to always let them hold their own second utensil as you approach with another spoonful.)  This BÖRJA feeding and baby spoon set comes with both options, and it’s $2 for 2.

Meal set.

Photo: Carmen Cheung

12. BEABA suction silicone meal set

This cute set comes with an adorable mini-sized training cup, a suction bowl and a plate, plus a coordinating spoon. BEABA suction silicone meal set, $45.

Silicone pulp feeder.

Photo: Carmen Cheung

13. BOON PULP silicone feeder

Let baby gnaw on new tastes inside a silicone feeder that’s easier to clean than the traditional mesh feeders. You can also use frozen food in a feeder to relieve a teething baby‘s sore gums. BOON PULP silicone feeder, $9.

Bumkin long-sleeved bib.

Photo: Courtesy of

14. Bumkins long-sleeved bib

If your self-feeder makes a huge mess (totally normal!), protect all those cute baby outfits with a long-sleeved smock. (Or simply strip them down to their diaper!) Bumkins long-sleeved bib, $18.

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