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10 organic baby products we love

Parents shouldn't have to go on a treasure hunt to find baby care products made with organic ingredients. Here are our some of our favourite brands.

10 organic baby products we love Photo: Babyganics

1. Babyganics moisturizing daily lotion

This non-allergenic formula is extra gentle on your baby's sensitive skin and comes at an accessible price point. The ingredient list features shea butter and aloe, and leaves out harmful preservatives like parabens and other chemicals that can lead to skin irritation. The stand-out ingredient in this lotion is the NeoNourish Seed Oil, which contains a special blend of tomato, sunflower, black cumin, cranberry and raspberry seed oils. This blend can also be found in all of Babyganics' bath care essentials. $13,

10 organic baby products we love Photo: My Little North Star

2. My Little North Star natural baby shampoo and body wash

This bath duo is hypoallergenic and smells like lavender and citrus. The shampoo and body wash also claim to be perfect for babies with sensitive skin and eczema. Made with organic ingredients, you won't find any numbing agents or harsh chemicals in these bottles. My Little North Star's mission is to use organic and chemical-free materials that are sustainable. $22,

10 organic baby products we love Photo: Beb Organic

3. Beb Organic nourishing oil

This oil is worth the splurge! Made specifically for the delicate skin of a newborn, it can be used on the face, body and scalp. Beb organic's concentrate blends rosehip, sunflower and cranberry oil. The oil is NICU-safe and every ingredient is top-ranked by Environmental Working Group (EWG). P.S. It's not just for babies — parents can use this too! $52,

10 organic baby products we love Photo: Made of

4. Made Of better baby diapers

These diapers are just... better—or so says Made of. Bleach-free, fungi-free and made without GMOs, these diapers are soft and comfortable and come with an advanced absorbent core that helps keep your little one's sensitive skin dry. Made of strives to create skin care that is non-toxic and organic. For parents who want to learn more, the company's website lets you easily track down the origin of each ingredient. $13,

10 organic baby products we love Photo: Honest Company

5. The Honest Company organic all-purpose balm

Made with a sunflower and olive oil base, this plant-based formula also includes other calming and soothing ingredients like tamanu oil, calendula and shea butter. While, the balm is great for moisturizing your baby's tender skin, you can also use it to smooth out rough elbows, cuticles and even tame frizz and flyaways. $13,

10 organic baby products we love Photo: Green Beaver

6. Green Beaver calming lavender natural baby wash


This hypoallergenic wash is made from soothing and nourishing ingredients. It's infused with organic chamomile flower extract and helps preserve moisture in fragile baby skin. Founded by husband and wife team, Karen Clark and Alain Ménard, Green Beaver offers healthy and natural products for families. $11,

10 organic baby products we love Photo: Shoosha Baby

7. Shoosha Baby organic eczema healing balm

This rich multi-purpose balm was made specifically for babies with sensitive eczema-prone skin, providing temporary relief against other minor skin irritation due to rashes, poison ivy or insect bites. Ingredients include colloidal oatmeal, tamanu, German chamomile and evening primrose oil. Shoosha Baby puts transparency on the forefront, which is why they only use natural ingredients that they deem safe. $17,

10 organic baby products we love Photo: Earth Mama

8. Earth Mama baby face mineral sunscreen stick SPF 40

This face-stick sunscreen is super easy to apply and glides on smoothly. Even better, it's infused with organic aloe and calendula, so it's sure to keep your baby's skin feeling moisturized. This sunscreen is also clinically tested for irritation and is free of toxic chemicals and artificial fragrance. Earth Mama was founded on the desire to educate people about toxic ingredients—specifically that what's in the sunscreen is just as important as what’s not. $10,

10 organic baby products we love Photo: Chelsey Wang

9. Chelsey Wang healing diaper creme

Formulated with candelilla wax and dense shea butter, this diaper cream is rash preventative and reduces inflammation. After finding out that the FDA doesn't regulate skincare or baby care products, Rob and Chelsey Wang decided to create products that they felt were safer and better for babies. The healing creme blends sweet orange, geranium and lavender essential oils for their powerful medicinal properties and great smell. $23,

10 organic baby products we love Photo: Beauty Counter

10. Beauty Counter baby soothing oil

Newborns and grownups alike can benefit from this easily absorbent and hydrating formula. Beauty Counter aims to put safer personal care products into the hands of everyone. This oil is made using four ingredients: vitamin E, jojoba, sunflower and coconut oil, so parents know exactly what they're putting on their baby. $27,

This article was originally published on Apr 26, 2019

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