20 of the year's top toys

These toys didn't just survive our rigorous testing process—they scored best-in-class for playability, design and overall awesomeness.

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20 of the year's top toys

Photo: Carmen Cheung

Still not sure what to buy that kid in your life? These new toys for 2019 are fun, on trend and have been approved by our enthusiastic roster of kid-testers. Hurry, some of these may sell out!

1. Robo Alive Baby Shark

Robo alive baby shark new toy 2019 in yellow Image courtesy of Zuru

When it comes to bath toys, there’s nothing cuter than an on-trend baby shark. Place Sharky in the tub and the water will make him start to swim and sing that catchy tune. Tubby Shark, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo. Zuru, $20,

2. Rainbow Cloud Pop

Wooden Rainbow Cloud Pop baby new toy 2019 Image courtesy of Le Toy Van

This sustainable rubberwood toy promotes colour recognition and hand-eye coordination. It takes some practice, but soon kids will be pushin’, poppin’, matchin’ and catchin’ those rainbow rods like it’s nobody’s business. Le Toy Van, $31,

3. Lil Cuddles Doll Gift Set

Lil cuddles doll and doll clothing Image courtesy of Madame Alexander


Baby dolls are always a hit, and this sweet set is no exception. With a soft cloth body, a lifelike head that bobs and cute little fingers and toes that grasp, this baby comes with an extra outfit complete with a bib and booties. Madame Alexander, $50,

4. Smart Sizzlin' BBQ Grill

Smart Sizzlin bbq grill new toy 2019 Image courtesy of LeapFrog

Your bitty Bobby Flay will love using this interactive ’cue to fire up their imagination. Eight different foods to skewer and char can be placed on the grill to teach kids about each item’s name and colour. Twist the skewer and count along as you turn up the heat from one to 10. The included utensils and sauce keep it profesh. LeapFrog, $50,

5. Lica Bella Unicorn

Lica bella unicorn light up new toy 2019 Image courtesy of Gipsy

Rainbow dreams come true with soft, fluffy Lica Bella. Full of magic and splendour, your mystical bestie’s eyes glow with pretty colours when you press her magical star. Want a little night light ambience? Press her hoof, and her body will shine with a shimmery glow. Gipsy, $40,

6. Barbie Dream Plane

Pink Barbie dream plane set Image courtesy of Mattel

Barbie is living her best life on this private plane with reclining seating, ample leg room, personal TV screens and a snack cart fully stocked with munchies, including sushi. Dolls are sold separately, but the set includes 15-plus accessories. Mattel, $100,

7. Lego Duplo Elsa Castle

Lego Frozen castle with Elsa, Anna and Olaf Image courtesy of Lego

Elsa, Anna and Olaf are living it up in this winter wonderland complete with a snow slide, teapot and snack table. Look out over Arendelle from the castle balcony, or marvel at the changing colours of the illuminated block, which can be placed anywhere your little builder wants to add a bit of magic. Lego, $60,

8. Boppi, the Booty Shakin' Llama

Boppi the booty shakin llama new toy 2019 Image courtesy of Zuru


Boppi the Llama is down to clown. Invite her into your home, and she’ll have everyone giggling and shakin’ their booties. Programmed with three dance songs, Boppi has the moves with all of her booty-moving and head-spinning motions. Twerk it! Zuru, $30,

9. Smashers Series 3 Dino Smash-O-Saur Playset

Smashers dinosaur and orange egg Image courtesy of Smashers

Smash Rex has big jaws and is ready to crush some eggs. Lift up his tail and he’ll bite down, or press the shell on his back and he’ll poop out more Dino Smashers. What’s inside each one is for your little palaeontologist to discover. Smashers, $45,

10. Orangutwang

Orangutwang game Image courtesy of PlayMonster

Whoa, easy does it! Players race to hang fruit off an orangutang as he dangles precariously from a tightrope. But be careful, because once he gets overloaded, he’ll spring up and send all the fruit into the air. PlayMonster, $40,

11. Rockit Twist

rockit twist toy Image courtesy of LeapFrog

With 12 preloaded games in varying levels of difficulty, kids can learn math, problem-solving and science, and create their own music in a fun, WiFi-free way. Parents will love the head-phone jack for quiet learning time. LeapFrog, $70,

12. L.O.L. Surprise! 2-in-1 Glamper

pink and blue glamper new toy 2019 set Image courtesy of L.O.L Surprise

Start your engines! This pastel caravan doesn’t skimp on accessories. With 55-plus surprises waiting to be unveiled, the toy has over 10 hangout areas, including a DJ booth and a runway. The headlights and horn really do work (safety first), and the two-storey water slide ensures dolls make a splash when they show up to the pool party. L.O.L Surprise, $150,

13. Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Dolls

Poopsie rainbow surprise slime dolls Image courtesy of Poopsie Slime Surprise


These fashion icons have 20-plus surprises to unbox and play with, including a bevy of rainbow and shimmery slime powders that can be added to the doll’s translucent outfit or her ’90s platform combat boots. Poopsie Slime Surprise, $80,

14. The Magic School Bus Rides Again—Exploring Oceans

The magic school bus rides again exploring oceans game Image courtesy of The Young Scientists Club

Beep, beep! Hop on board the Magic School Bus with Miss Frizzle and the crew. Developed by Harvard grads, this ocean-themed box of experiments takes small scientists on a deep dive into STEM learning. The Young Scientists Club, $30,

15. Treasure X: Quest for Gold

Treasure x quest for gold board game Image courtesy of Treasure X

Flip a card and make your way around the board. Find buried treasure and unlock chests to collect loot. But don’t get too confident, sailor: If Exis attacks, you’ll lose all your riches and it’ll be back to the beginning for you. This game is great for strategic thinkers. Treasure X, $13,

16.Boomtrix Showdown

Boomtrix showdown play set Image courtesy of Goliath

Woo hoo! Get ready to have a bouncing good time with this trampoline set. Kids can tell gravity to back off as they launch metal balls through a riveting course of trampolines, a stunt ring and obstacles to score a goal. Not only is it fun to watch, but setting up the course also requires imagination and fine motor and planning skills. Goliath, $50,

17. Beyblade Burst Turbo Cross Collision Battle Set

beyblade collision set Image courtesy of Hasbro

A quadruple rail system will force your BeyBlade top into the ring for a white-knuckle clash with its opponent. Battle Ring mode is the best for defence, and Slingshot mode propels you into the ring. Hasbro, $80,

18. Sparkling Slime Experiment Kit

Sparkling slime experiment kit Image courtesy of Science4You


Ready to make a mess? This kit is packed with 14 experiments to create everything from sticky, sparkling dough to scented slime. The instructional booklet is written by real scientists and gives more than just how-tos—kids can also read up on the history and science of slime. To make the kit even more legit, the set includes gloves, goggles and a special dropper. Science4You, $25,

19. Pretty Pixels Eraser Maker

pretty pixels eraser maker sweets version Image courtesy of Ban Dai

So cute and kawaii, this DIY kit lets kids make cupcake and doughnut-shaped erasers. Load the template into the mould maker, and use tiny tweezers to place small bits of rubber into place. Add water, microwave it and then let it cool to set. Ban Dai, $23,

20. Fortnite AR-L Nerf Elite Dart Blaster

Fortnite ar-l nerf elite dart blaster Image courtesy of Hasbro

Modelled after the blaster in Fortnite, this motorized dart-shooter lets you take your game from digital to reality. The clip holds 10 shots, so you’ve got plenty of chances to slay. (WARNING: Do not aim the blaster at eyes or faces.) Hasbro, $70,


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