10 fun games for kids that will get them moving

Yes—kids can get active and have fun! Whether you're spending time indoors or outdoors, take inspiration from these 10 games that will get kids moving.

10 fun games for kids that will get them moving

Illustrations: Claire Manning


1. Jump rope This kid classic is great exercise and it improves coordination. Jump to a song, do double dutch or shake the rope on the ground and have your kid jump over it for a game of Snake in the Grass.

2. Go for family hikes Research shows spending time in nature can improve your mood. Reap the benefits as a family and get the kids started hiking early on with short, easy trails.

3. Walk the dog Take the dog for a walk as a family and keep your kids engaged by getting them to count cars, flowers, trees or houses they see.

4. Do yardwork Little ones develop fine motor skills by digging in the dirt—plus it makes less work for you! Compete to see who can rake the biggest pile of leaves or pull the most weeds.

5. Play freeze tag This schoolyard game is the perfect group activity to get everyone’s heart pumping. The rules are simple: When you’re tagged, you’re frozen like a statue until another player “unfreezes” you.

Illustrations of foxes and bunnies doing an obstacle course inside a house Illustration: Claire Manning


6. Make an obstacle course Have them crawl under a row of chairs, toss stuffies into laundry baskets and jump over pillows. The possibilities are endless!

7. Have a dance party Play your kids’ favourite songs and boogie down. Better yet, have a dance-off. The winner gets to be the DJ next round.

8. Start ‘Simon Says’ Use this party game to get moving. Focus on active commands, like jumping, running and crawling, then switch to let your kid be Simon.


9. Play animal charades Take turns hopping like a bunny, galloping like a horse or walking like a crab, then guessing the animal.

10. Race against the clock Time your kid doing mini challenges like retrieving toys or running upstairs. Have rewards ready!

This article was originally published on Feb 22, 2018

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