4 fun ways to exercise with your baby

Getting back into a fitness routine after having a baby doesn’t require child care or a gym membership. Here are some fun activities that will have you breaking a sweat.

4 fun ways to exercise with your baby

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1. Dancing Say hello to your new favourite dance partner: your baby! Put on an upbeat tune, grab your little one and shimmy, shake, sway or cha-cha, protecting your baby’s head and neck as you move.

2. Baby carrier workouts The best (and cutest!) way to add weight to your workout is to wear your baby in a carrier. Do lunges, sumo squats and chair triceps dips—all with your baby snuggled next to you.

3. Hiking Love nature? Head outdoors with your little one in a carrier (when they’re old enough to hold their head up without difficulty). Remember to take plenty of rest stops and prep your baby for the weather.

4. Running All it takes to start a postpartum running routine is a proper stroller with a five-point harness, large wheels and adjustable shocks. It’s usually recommended to wait until your baby is nine months old and has good head, neck and torso control.

Always make sure your doctor has given you—and your baby—the green light before getting started. Happy moving!

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