This couple used a live alligator for their gender reveal!

If you're gonna do a gender reveal, go big or go home.

This couple used a live alligator for their gender reveal!

Photo: Melody Kliebert via Facebook

Gender reveal parties have been a thing for a while now, and couples all over the internet are finding super creative and fun ways to find out their baby's gender (more accurately, their biological sex/assigned gender, since gender is largely a social construct and exists on a spectrum). While some people say the custom is ridiculous, outdated and unnecessary, other couples still decide to partake in the pink-or-blue ritual, which is totally fine too.

That's the route this expectant couple from Louisiana decided to go ahead with, and a video taken at the event has the internet writhing in anxiety because of how they decided to do it. They used an alligator. Yep, a live alligator. Because, you know, nothing says baby gender reveal like a massive prehistoric reptile chillin' in your yard!

Grandma-to-be Melody Kliebert recently shared a video of the epic reveal on Facebook, and it has since been viewed more than five million times. In the video, you see her son, Mike Kliebert, patting the gator's snout, trying to get it to open its mouth. At first, it's hard to tell exactly how the gator is going to be involved in the reveal, but once its huge jaws are open wide enough, someone hands Mike a small watermelon.

He then lifts up the gator's head—jaws still wide open—and it becomes clear that he's going to give the gator the melon. But before he can, the animal snaps its mouth closed, which is when we all proceeded to have a mini heart attack. Luckily, Mike was able to get his hands away in time, and in a second attempt, he successfully gets the giant creature to smash the melon open—revealing the inside of the fruit, which is bright blue. (If you're wondering how they got a naturally pink watermelon to turn such a bright blue, you're not alone. Your guess is as good as ours.)

Watch the whole clip below, but be warned, it's not for the faint of heart!

It probably doesn't need to be said, but even if you can somehow get your hands on an alligator, do not try this at home! Mike and his family own Kliebert's Turtle & Alligator Farm, which has been in their family since 1957. The animal in the video is only one of more than 300 gators under their care, so he has many years of experience. Over-the-top gender reveal videos can be fun...but they're definitely not worth losing a hand for.

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