Oh, sh*t! Watch this potty-mouthed granny react to her grandkid's gender reveal

This granny doesn't even try to hide her disappointment after she pops the gender reveal balloon and pink confetti falls into her lap.

Oh, sh*t! Watch this potty-mouthed granny react to her grandkid's gender reveal

Photo: YouTube

Gender reveals can be an exciting moment for the parents-to-be and their families...and sometimes they're not.

That's what happens in this hilarious video, where the future granny isn't even trying to hide the fact she would've definitely preferred a grandson.

Carrie-Anne Sanca, the 33-year-old mother-to-be from Wales, wanted her mother Margaret to experience the same surprise and excitement she felt when she found out the sex of her little bun-in-the-oven, so she took to Pinterest and filled a balloon with confetti for her mom to pop.

"Boy or girl?" Sanca asks with anticipation behind the camera as her mother reaches up to the balloon with a pin. The balloon bursts and pink confetti flies into the older woman's lap.

"F*cking girl," she says laden with disappointment.

She continues with her filter-free reaction tidying up the confetti in her lap into a neat little pile. "Ohhh Split ar**," she says, which Sanca can only respond with an amused "Mum!"—the expression is a derogatory term for women in UK slang.

"Oh nevermind," she continues, but then attempts to recover. "As long as it's alright. As long as it's lovely."

Sanca thankfully took the reaction in stride telling the Daily Mail that she can't be disappointed because there's no turning back now. We hope that in time, Grandma will learn to love her new grandchild. Besides, girls are awesome.


See her full reaction in the video below.

This article was originally published on Oct 11, 2018

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