Being pregnant

7 best gender reveal videos

It's a...sorry, we won't spoil the surprise. You have to watch these videos to find out.

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Finding out you're pregnant is all kinds of fun, from telling your spouse, to your kids, to your whole family. And then you get to feel excited all over again when it's time to announce the gender—if you choose to find out.

Here are some of our favourite gender reveal videos. Get ready for a lot of pink and blue and squealing.

1. Gender reveals give you an awesome excuse for a party. This party had loads of pink and blue, and everyone voted on what sex they thought the baby was. But when it came time for the reveal (at 3:47), only one colour of balloon blew up. It's a...

2. We've seen a lot of excited dads, but this one takes the cake. Skip ahead to 0:44 to see the gender, and a soon-to-be dad jumping for joy—literally!


3. We all know what it's like to really want a brother or sister, right? Well this is what happens when you want a sister (with pink eyes!), but get a brother. Hey, at least she has a cupcake to comfort her.

4. "Baby, baby, baby, OHHH!" This video is what you get when you put together two adorable cats and every song containing the word "baby."

5. The little girl is so happy, it's contagious!


6. After six boys, this mom is so ready for a girl. But does she get her wish?

7. This couple is expecting twins! But they have a little surprise in store for their families. It's...


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