Toddler has most toddler-y response ever to sibling's gender reveal

Hello, meltdown!

We’ve all seen the typical gender reveal videos filled with tears of joy and excitement. But this toddler isn’t excited.

Grace’s parents presented her and her older sister, Jules, with two cupcakes and told them to break the treat open to reveal the baby’s gender. Poor Jules was very excited, but completely outshone by the real star of show, Grace, who deserves an Oscar for most dramatic performance.

Not only did this little cutie initially reject the offer to open her cupcake with a sassy “I don’t want to break mine open,” but after Jules discovered that hers was blue inside, Grace refused to accept the card life had dealt her. Her initial shock turned to denial as she refused to break open her cupcake in hopes that that would somehow erase the outcome. Toddler logic at its finest.

Then when her parents asked if she was excited about having a little brother, the hilariously adorable toddler didn’t hold back her disappointment: “I’m not.”

When Grace’s cupcake was finally opened and she spotted the dreaded blue it was time for the most toddler reaction ever: the meltdown. She wanted pink, Mom and Dad. It’s not fair! Grace’s final tearful statement was everything—a powerful roar for every little girl who never wanted and does not ever want a gross little brother: “I DON’T WANT BLUE ANYMORE!”

We feel for you, Grace. When life gives you blue cupcakes, you can’t always make blue lemonade. Sometimes you just gotta cry. Perhaps Mom and Dad may need to think about having another kid? Better hope it’s a girl.

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