You've gotta watch this epic gender reveal

We've seen quite a few awesome gender reveal videos, but this one is next level.

A dad spent three days setting up a Rube Goldberg Machine throughout his three-story house so that he, his wife and his son could experience the most elaborate gender reveal ever. Thankfully, he captured the reveal on tape so we could experience the suspense and excitement, too.

The video starts with Dude Dad aka Taylor Calmus and his wife asking their toddler son to push his bottle off the edge of the crib.

Is he ready for the challenge? "Yes I am!" squeaks the cutest and most enthusiastic big brother we've ever heard. And the race to the reveal has begun!

The Rube Goldberg Machine spans the entire house, from a spinning bottle of baby powder in the baby's room to a golf ball that rolls across the floor and swirls down a paper funnel and down the stairs.

From the kitchen we move on to the basement via a flying toy that hits the ceiling fan and then there's another golf ball causing a domino-style tumble of white cassette tapes.

How did this all happen so fast and all so perfectly timed? Can we reprogram this machine to do all the housework and get our kids to school on time?


Finally, the big moment arrives. A confetti canon erupts covering the surprised family with coloured paper that reveals their baby's gender. What colour is the paper, you ask? You'll just have to watch and find out.

We hope the little boy finds being a big brother as exciting as this gender reveal.

This article was originally published on Mar 22, 2017

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