These new dinosaur Fingerlings are awesome...and just a little bit scary

Fingerlings are back with a ferocious new group of finger friends. Can you tame these tiny terrors?

There comes a time in a kid’s life, usually around toddlerhood, when they begin to fixate on a certain topic. For some, it’s outer space, for others it’s trains, and for a lot of kids, it’s dinosaurs.

Dinos are timeless and the toy company WowWee knows it, because it just released a new line of Fingerlings that let kids hold a ferocious little velociraptor right on their fingers.

Fingerlings monkeys on fingers The secret trick to making your kid's Fingerling fart and burpNow if you don’t know what a Fingerling is, it’s possible you don’t have kids—or the internet (how are you reading this right now?). The tiny robo-monkeys (and sometimes unicorns and sloths) were the hottest toy of the 2017 holiday season. They sold out pretty much everywhere.

While the previous iterations of this interactive toy were based on adorable animals, WowWee has decided to turn the tables and introduce four new (scary-looking!) raptors in its new Untamed line: Stealth, Blaze, Fury, and Razor (even their names are a bit frightening).

The four Untamed Fignerlings sitting on a hand

Photo: WowWee

These dinos do pretty much the same stuff as their cutesy counterparts: they react to your touch and can make up to 40 different sounds and movements. But one important difference is their two modes of play. In untamed mode, these little buddies will roar, hiss and chomp. Taming the beasts is easy—just pet them gently and they’ll nuzzle and purr to the touch.

Check out the promo video below.

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