Chrissy Teigen shared the most hilarious baby milestone photo... of John

Of course, she shared one of Miles too—and it was beyond adorable—but the pic of her 482-month-old husband gave us a good chuckle.

You know we love us some Chrissy Teigen, and that love isn’t about to stop anytime soon—especially after the pair of baby milestone pics she recently shared on her Instagram. That’s right, she shared TWO matching photos: one of her 9-month-old son, Miles, and another of her 482-month-old husband, John.

The pictures show Miles and little Johnny sitting next to those oh-so-popular monthly baby update chalkboards that tell things like how many teeth they have and what their favourite songs are (Spoiler, Miles’s fave song is Baby Shark because of course it is). Chrissy even had them take the photos in matching outfits AND matching poses. Love it! Take a look:

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9 months of this perfect 🐻💕

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wow they grow up so fast

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Miles really is John’s mini-me, isn’t he?

In her caption for John’s picture, she said “wow they grow up so fast” and let’s be real, that’s exactly what Miles will probably look like 473 months from now.

Also, not only is John’s picture hilariously cute by itself, but it’s extra funny because for the longest time (before Miles was even born) people would send Chrissy photos of babies that they thought looked like John, leading her to send out this exasperated tweet:

To be honest, we’re pretty sure this tweet inspired the idea behind John’s milestone pic. Chrissy and John are such a playful couple, so it’s likely that John was totally on board with it anyways (just like how he played along with all the cute Arthur the Aadvark comparisons).

So keep these adorable moments coming Chrissy, we can’t get enough!

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