Chrissy Teigen had the best clapback to someone's bottle-shaming comment

Chrissy isn't having any of that.

Chrissy Teigen had the best clapback to someone's bottle-shaming comment

Photo: @johnlegend via Instagram

When it comes to snarky and relatable responses on the internet, we all know Chrissy Teigen is queen. While she usually shines brightest on her Twitter account, her latest genius quip is actually buried in the comments of an Instagram pic posted by her husband, John Legend. Luckily, the @commentsbycelebs Instagram account was able to catch it and share a screenshot before it got lost.

The post featured a picture of Chrissy feeding their son, Miles, with a bottle backstage at The Voice, and it's all kinds of cute. (We'd be wrong not to also mention Luna in the background, getting some cuddle time in with Chrissy's mom—also cute!)

Now, Chrissy has previously posted pictures of herself breastfeeding Miles on her own social media accounts, so we're not surprised that the sight of a bottle is attracting attention.

One mom-shamer commented on the post, "You no longer breastfeed?"

To be fair, this could've been meant as a super innocent question, but it could also be read with a tone of judgy incredulousness.

As it happens, Chrissy had the best response.

Take a look:


So simple. So sarcastic. So matter-of-fact. (Also, the image of John trying to breastfeed is kinda hilarious.) And you can just imagine Chrissy's face going totally deadpan as she says those words.

The picture doesn't give any hint as to whether the milk in the bottle is pumped breastmilk or formula, and really, it doesn't matter anyways.

So bravo, Chrissy. You tell 'em.

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