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How to take monthly baby photos like a pro

Make sure you mark your baby's monthly birthdays (even if you're a few days late) with one of these sweet milestone accessories.

How to take monthly baby photos like a pro

Photo: Roberto Caruso

Baby blocks

These neutral blocks do double duty as photo props and cute nursery decor—just don’t forget to change their age every month! Baby Aspen My First Milestone Age Blocks in White, Grey, Mint and Gold, $18,

baby with blocksPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Printed blanket

Already styled for you, this printed blanket is the way to go. Lulujo Baby’s First Year Blanket & Card Set, $25,

baby on blanketPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Milestone cards

There are 30 photo cards in this set to mark all the big milestones, from monthly birthdays to the first time they say “Mama.”, Milestone Baby Photo Cards Over The Moon, $25,

baby with milestone cardPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Fitted sheet

Newborns can be squirmy, which makes those first wriggly photos challenging. Keep them contained in their crib with this beautifully printed crib sheet that let’s you snap while they sleep—trust us, you’ll want to savour these moments. Frieda & The Balloon crib sheet, $35,

baby on blanketPhoto: Rookie Humans

Milestone photo flipbook

This easy to store use (and store!) milestone marker looks like a stationary pad, but each page has been designed with Instagram-worthy monthly markers. Simply prop the pad up somewhere near baby using the cardboard fold out and snap away. C.R. Gibson Baby bundle bright milestone photo flipbook, $22,

flat lay of baby bookPhoto: C.R. Gibson Baby



Instad of a baby book, try using this chalkboard to record your baby’s monthly developments (like a new tooth), along with their favourite (and not so favourite) things. Pearhead All About Baby 4-Piece Chalkboard, $35,

baby in front of chalkboardPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Muslin blanket

The point of monthly photos is to marvel at how much your baby has grown—and this muslin blanket will show you exactly that as they slowly fill up the space. Lulujo Baby’s First Year Blanket & Card Set, $25,

baby on blanketPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Milestone stickers

Milestone stickers are easy to adhere to your baby’s belly (or bum, if they are crawling or toddling away) so you can quickly snap that monthly shot. Monthly Baby Stickers—Little Caption, $19,; Pearhead Felt Belly Stickers, $20,

twins laying down on blanketPhoto: Roberto Caruso

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