Can Chrissy Teigen and John Legend just quit it already?

And by "it," we mean being so frikkin' adorable! You have to see this video that proves they're by far the cutest couple on the planet.

We all love Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, there’s no doubt about it. As far as celeb couples go, they’re just so down to earth and adorable. But this new clip of John helping a pregnant Chrissy pull her leggings over her baby bump is almost too cute.

Women wearing maternity jeans The best maternity jeans under $100Chrissy recently posted a video to her Snapchat story, and can we just say that the two of them together are total relationship goals.

The clip shows Chrissy, who’s currently pregnant with their second child, getting dressed for the day, and as many moms know, that is not always an easy feat when you’re carrying a growing baby in your belly. Luckily, she had John to help pull her leggings up and hold them while she popped a small squat. Take a look:

Between Chrissy’s giggles and John’s loving, “All riiight,” as he steps back to admire his wife and their handiwork, this video is just so adorable!

We all know Chrissy is the reigning queen of relatability, but we’re not sure how relatable this clip is, seeing as pretty much none of us—even those of us in happy, fulfilling relationships—are anywhere near their level.

For now, we’ll just have to admire from a far while they keep on being cute because they definitely have a love that just won’t quit.

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