A lady thought Drew Barrymore was preggo and her reply was incredible

Can we just give her a huge round of applause?

A lady thought Drew Barrymore was preggo and her reply was incredible

Photo: Presley Ann/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Something about being visibly pregnant makes people (i.e., strangers) think they're allowed to say anything they want right to your face. Whether it's commenting on your belly size or shaming you for standing in line for a cup of decaf at Starbucks, a lot of people think it's OK for them to say whatever they want.

The only thing worse is when they say these things,'re not actually pregnant. Yikes.

Celeb mom-of-two Drew Barrymore—who isn't currently pregnant—had to deal with this totally awkward situation recently when a woman who assumed that Drew was with child made a point of telling her so. Drew recently shared the story when she visited with James Corden on The Late Late Show, and her response to that woman is EVERYTHING. Watch her tell it below:

"No, I'm just fat right now." SHE DID THAT.

Ladies and gentlemen (and all y'all non-binary folks), here we have an example of a mom who no longer has any effs to give and has evolved into a total badass because of it.

The woman probably felt awful about her gaffe, but she really shouldn't have assumed in the first place. Here's a simple rule of thumb: Unless a woman has specifically told you she's expecting—or there is literally a baby visibly exiting her body—DO NOT assume that she's pregnant. Just don't go there.


Actually, even if she is pregnant and tells you so, do not take that as a free-for-all to say whatever you want. It's not cool. A simple congrats and some words of encouragement are totally enough. You can also try asking her how she's doing and help her feel like an actual human being again (rather than a walking incubator). Just keep the body comments and the mom-shaming to yourself.

Drew, you're awesome, and good for you for clapping back at that woman. She deserved it.

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