Mommy shamers rejoice! This hotline will finally listen to your "helpful advice"

"Thank you for calling Yoplait's 1-833-MOM-TIPS, the hotline made for people brimming with opinions about how other people should raise their children."

Mommy shamers rejoice! This hotline will finally listen to your "helpful advice"

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When you're a mom, getting "helpful advice" from strangers is just a part of your daily routine. But now, there's a place you can direct those mom-shamers who like to go beyond just giving you some irritated side-eye.

1-833-MOM-TIPS is a hilarious hotline that's here to listen to mom shamers' unsolicited advice, so you don't have to. The wonderfully sarcastic hotline was created by Yoplait as part of their ongoing #MomOn campaign, which tackles the problem of mom shaming by telling moms to ignore the haters and keep on keeping on.

So next time someone wants to tell you how to raise your child, tell them to call 1-833-MOM-TIPS and tell it to someone who cares.

Loaded with dry sarcasm, the voice on the other side of the line reads out a bunch of hilarious options for mom-shamers to select what kind of advice they want to dole out ("To question her dedication to motherhood, press 3"). Pressing through to those categories offers even more options ("Does mom look like she's not enjoying every single second of motherhood? Press 2") until it eventually loops callers back to the main menu. With all those hilarious options, mom-shamers could be kept distracted just long enough for you and your kids to get yourselves as far away from them as possible.

And what hotline would be complete without a fun informative commercial? The video for 1-833-MOM-TIPS features the same hysterical sarcasm as the hotline itself. Check it out below.

So next time someone tries to police your parenting, remember 1-833-MOM-TIPS, a hotline for anyone who just can't keep their parenting advice inside.

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