15 iconic Canadian recipes

This land is my land, this land is your land. And guess what? It's filled with so much good food. Sink your teeth into these iconic recipes.

15 iconic Canadian recipes

Photo: Erik Putz

Our most iconic Canadian recipes

The Dutchess Doughnut

The Canadian classic—aka the Dutchie—has a permanent perch at your local Tim Hortons. This from-scratch version is made of perfectly fluffy, raisin-studded dough, finished with a light glaze. Party on, Queen. Get the recipe from Chatelaine: The Dutchess Doughnut

cooling tray with glazed dutchie doughnutsPhoto: Erik Putz

Maple-Fennel Bacon

Oh, Canada. What’s a roundup of the most iconic Canadian dishes without bacon? These candied strips are maple-coated then sprinkled with crushed fennel seeds. Get the recipe from Chatelaine: Maple-Fennel Bacon

cup filled with candy-coated strips of crispy baconPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Petit Lobster Rolls

Thank you Maritimes, for your fresh, juicy lobster. The crustacean is the star of this recipe, with tart Granny Smith, chopped celery, spices and mayo playing supporting roles. There’s no understudy for a perfectly squishy roll. Get the recipe from Chatelaine: Petit Lobster Rolls

small rolls filled with chunks of lobster meat and topped with chopped celeryPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Salted-Almond Nanaimo Bars

Tell us this photo doesn’t make you drool. The BC namesake is a sweet treat for sure—sometimes too sweet. This version uses less sugar and introduces a hit of salted almonds to create a perfectly balanced bar. Get the recipe from Chatelaine: Salted-Almond Nanaimo Bars

tray of fudge-y Nanaimo bars topped with almondsPhoto: Erik Putz

Spicy Caesar Cocktail

Do you like it a little hot? Then this caesar—with pickled hot peppers and their brine—is for you. Go on, wipe that sweat from your brow with a buffalo plaid bandana. Get the recipe from Chatelaine: Spicy Caesar Cocktail

cocktail glass rimmed with pepper and filled with classic caesar drink, celery heart and hot pepperPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Korean Kimchi Poutine

We all know and love fries + gravy + cheese curds. This version of poutine is a nod to our country’s incredibly delicious diversity. It swaps regular fries for sweet potato, gravy for gochujang-spiked mayo and a mess of spicy kimchi on top. Get the recipe from Chatelaine: Korean Kimchi Poutine

bowl of poutine covered in spicy kimchiPhoto: Erik Putz

Tourtiére Tart

The French-Canadian staple isn’t just for the holidays. It’s a labour of love, but well worth the time and effort when you dish up this cozy number to the ones you love. Get the recipe from Chatelaine: Tourtiére Tart

ground beef-filled tart on a baking trayPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Ketchup Popcorn

You’re no connoisseur of Canadian cuisine until you’ve licked your ketchup-stained fingers. This is the popcorn version of the chips we all know and love. Get the recipe: Ketchup Popcorn

Bowl of ketchup popcornPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Maple Fudge

It doesn’t get much more patriotic than this. This three-ingredient fudge takes about three seconds to melt in your mouth. Get the recipe: Maple Fudge

fudge shaped like squirrelsPhoto: Erik Putz

Classic Butter Tarts

What’s a Canadian road trip without a pit-stop for fresh butter tarts from some middle-of-nowhere general store? The sweet filling in these babies is tucked into the ultimate flakey crust. Now, are you Team Raisin or no? Get the recipe from Chatelaine: Classic Butter Tarts

tray of freshly baked butter tartsPhoto: Erik Putz

Cinnamon-Sugar Snowshoes

Call it a snowshoe or call it a beaver tail, but be sure to call us when the dough comes out of the fryer, hot and ready for a generous shower of cinnamon sugar. Get the recipe from Chatelaine: Cinnamon-Sugar Snowshoes

sweet sugar-dusted fried doughPhoto: Sian Richards


One-Pot Mac and Cheese

It’s no KD, but it’s just as quick and easy. This one is destinated to join your regular dinner rotation. And yes, it tastes even better with ketchup. Get the recipe: One-Pot Mac and Cheese 

pot of macaroni and cheesePhoto: Roberto Caruso

Homemade Ketchup

Maybe it’s because it’s the same colour as our flag. Maybe it’s because it covers so many of our favourite things—including chips, Kraft Dinner and fries. Maybe it’s because it’s so damn delicious. Get the recipe: Homemade Ketchup

tray of freshly baked wedge fries with a container of ketchupPhoto: Maya Visnyei

Strawberry Rhubarb Crostata

If you’re lucky enough to grow your own rhubarb, you are truly #blessed. This eager spring vegetable (did you know it's a vegetable?!) is tart and wonderful, especially sitting atop this flakey crostata crust. Get the recipe: Strawberry Rhubarb Crostata

open-faced strawberry-rhubarb pie


Sheet Pan Sesame Salmon and Broccoli

Let’s take it to the west coast for fresh salmon. The honey-soy glaze will make your kids fish fiends—good on you. And when you realize that this complete meal can be pulled off on one single pan, the smugness will intensify exponentially. Get the recipe: Sheet Pan Sesame Salmon and Broccoli

Salmon, broccoli and mushrooms on a sheet pan

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This article was originally published on Jun 20, 2019

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