5 easy freezer meals to get you through the week

Take the stress out of weeknight dinners by stocking the freezer with easy make-ahead meals that can be reheated in a pinch.

5 easy freezer meals to get you through the week

Photo: Erik Putz

Black bean and veggie enchiladas

De-stress your weeknights by stocking the freezer with this easy make-ahead Mexican favourite, which can be reheated in a pinch. Get the recipe: Black bean and veggie enchiladas


plate of enchiladasPhoto: Erik Putz

Ratatouille quiche

Make this quiche now and freeze it for one of those nights when you just don't feel like cooking. Get the recipe: Ratatouille quiche


large quiche with slice missingPhoto: Erik Putz


Pasta e fagioli

Baby napping? Before you crash on the couch, whip up this easy Italian classic and pop it in the freezer so you're prepared for that next sleep regression. Get the recipe: Pasta e fagioli


bowl of soupPhoto: Erik Putz

Chicken pot pie

Turn your sheet pan into a pie plate. This easy recipe makes two pies so you can enjoy one tonight and freeze the other for a night when you just can't. Get the recipe: Chicken pot pie


chicken pot piePhoto: Erik Putz

Tater cottage pie

Want to make dinner more fun? Swap out boring mashed potatoes for Tater Tots! Your kids will love the taste and you'll love the minimal prep time. Get the recipe: Tater cottage pie


tate piePhoto: Erik Putz

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