12 kid-friendly dips

Looking for a kid-friendly snack? Pair one of these yummy dips with veggies or crackers. Your kids won't be able to resist them (or the veggies that they will be eager to dunk).

By Madeline Morra
12 kid-friendly dips

Photo: Roberto Caruso

Kid-friendly dip recipes

Sweet Potato Dip

Kids won’t eat their veggies? Try this creamy sweet potato dip, which goes perfectly with fried green beans. Get the recipe: Sweet Potato Dip 

bowl of sweet potato dip with bread crumb-covered green beansPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Ranch Dressing

Make creamy ranch dressing in minutes at with this simple recipe. It’s great as a salad dressing, but it’s so creamy that kids will love it as a dip, too. Get the recipe: Ranch Dressing

bottle of homemade dressings on cut up raw veggiesPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Tahini Dip

In a small bowl, stir ¼ cup tahini with 1 tbsp lemon juice, 1 tsp honey, 1 small garlic clove, minced, and ¼ tsp cumin. Gradually stir in 1 to 3 tbsp water until smooth. Serve with roasted vegetables or thin with more water and use as salad dressing.

12 kid-friendly dipsPhoto: Erik Putz

Spiced Hummus

If your little one is resistant to veggies, have them dunk into this simple hummus. Get the recipe: Spiced Hummus 

mason jar of hummus with basket of veggiesPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Edamame Spread

Cook 3 cups frozen shelled edamame according to package directions. Drain well. Purée with 1 garlic clove and ¼ tsp salt in a food processor, gradually pouring ⅔ cup olive oil through the spout with motor running until mixture is smooth. Serve with fresh veggies, crackers and chips or use on sandwiches or in wraps.

12 kid-friendly dipsPhoto: Erik Putz


Cheddar Gruyere Fondue

Kids will love dipping their food in this cheesy fondue! Serve with pieces of baguette, baby potatoes, apple slices or cured sausages. Get the recipe: Cheddar Gruyere Fondue

12 kid-friendly dipsPhoto: Erik Putz

Cashew Hummus

Rinse and drain 1 540-mL can chickpeas. Purée chickpeas with ½ cup unsalted roasted cashews, ¼ cup olive oil, 1 tbsp lemon juice, ½ tsp finely chopped garlic and ¼ tsp each cumin and salt in a food processor until well combined. Scrape down the sides of the bowl and continue blending, gradually adding 3 to 4 tsp water until hummus is preferred texture. Serve with warm pita, fresh or roasted veggies, or use on sandwiches or in wraps.

bowl of hummus with cucumber and crackersPhoto: Erik Putz

Chicken wing dipping sauce

Great chicken wings need something saucy to top them off. Try dipping crispy, oven-baked wings (or just chicken breasts!) in honey-garlic, buffalo or sweet heat sauce. Get the recipes: Crispy Oven-Baked Wings

man eating chicken wings with various saucesPhoto: Rob Caruso


Crispy Cloves with Guacamole

You can’t go wrong with homemade guacamole. Bring on the chips. Get the recipe: Crispy Clovers with Guacamole

12 kid-friendly dipsPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Caramelized Onion Dip

This onion dip is a good time, guaranteed. A mix of sweet and salty, it's got finely chopped bacon hiding out the creamy mixture. Get the recipe: Caramelized Onion Dip

A bowl of dip with onions on top on a turquoise backgroundPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Thai Dipping Sauce

This allergy-friendly take on beef satay uses soy nut butter in the dipping sauce, so it’s safe for those allergic to peanuts and treenuts. Get the recipe: Thai Dipping Sauce

beef skewers with a tangy dipping saucePhoto: Ryan Schulz


Roasted Red Pepper Cheese Dip

This three-ingredient cheese dip is as quick to make as it is to eat! It’s just as perfect for an after-school snack as it is for entertaining. Get the recipe: Roasted Red Pepper Cheese Dip

chips and veggies with red pepper dipPhoto: Roberto Caruso

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This article was originally published on May 19, 2017

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