8 best burger recipes

All that's needed to make these delicious burger recipes is some sunshine and a hot grill. Well, you'll need your ingredients, too. Check out our roundup of beef, fish, turkey and veggie patties.

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8 best burger recipes

Photo: Roberto Caruso

8 best burger recipes

Chickpea Burgers

These great-tasting veggie burgers don’t demand a mind-numbing list of unusual ingredients. You can easily double the recipe and freeze some for another night.

Get the recipe: Chickpea Burgers>

8 best burger recipesPhoto: Maya Visnyei

Turkey Burgers with Cranberry Ketchup

When it comes to burgers, a minimalist approach is best: good meat, handled lightly. Our homemade ketchup is tart and tangy, the perfect topper for these juicy burgers. 

Get the recipe: Turkey Burgers with Cranberry Ketchup>

8 best burger recipesPhoto: Rob Caruso


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Get the recipe: Bacon Mushroom Cheese Turkey Burger

burger on a wooden cutting board topped with cheese, crumbled bacon, mushrooms and green onionPhoto courtesy of Ontario Turkey

The New Classic Burger

Smokey bacon, sharp cheddar cheese and juicy tomatoes top this mouthwatering burger. We love updated classics. 

Get the recipe here: The New Classic Burger>

8 best burger recipesPhoto: Chatelaine

Island Shrimp Burger

Switch up your usual beefy burger in favour of these juicy shrimp burgers. Serve on a toasted English muffin and top with homemade mango salsa. 

Get the recipe: Island Shrimp Burger>

8 best burger recipesPhoto: Maya Visnyei


The Ultimate Turkey Burger

We love this leaner beef alternative so much that we’ve included two tasty turkey burgers in our roundup. 

Get the recipe here: The Ultimate Turkey Burger>

8 best burger recipesPhoto: Jodi Pudge

Black-Bean Burger

This alternative to meat offers a fibre-packed option that kids love. 

Get the recipe here: Black-Bean Burger>

8 best burger recipesPhoto: Chatelaine

Over the Top Buger

Take your dinner to the next level with this delicious double-decker.

Get the recipe here: Over the The Top Burger>

8 best burger recipesPhoto: Chatelaine
This article was originally published on Apr 16, 2019

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