The most popular baby shower themes for 2018 are so cute

Pinterest unveiled what the top baby shower trends will be for 2018 and they are beautiful. We've come a long way from blue, pink and duckies.

By Amy Valm

Baby spelled out in twigs with flowers and a table of food Photo: Lenzo via Pinterest

Pinterest released their top trends for 2018 and their baby shower themes are the best. We've seen them creeping in for a bit, so there's nothing shocking, but they're all so cute and pretty that we're hoping we get invited to lots of showers in 2018.

Table with sprinkled food and gold letter balloons spelling out 'baby' Photo: Shoes Off Please via Pinterest

Sprinkle showers Yep, like the sprinkles that you would find on doughnuts. Guys, this trend is huge. The search on Pinterest for sprinkle showers is up a whopping 180 percent. Rainbow confetti is popping up in shower and first birthday themes and not just as a play on words (come sprinkle the mom-to-be/baby with love) but in decor, too. Think sprinkle-filled votives, photo booths with brightly coloured long skinny balloons as the backdrop, sweet mocktails rimmed with a sprinkly coating and, of course, sprinkle-covered cakes. We like where this is going.

balloon filled with confetti Photo: Erik Putz

Confetti-filled balloons are so pretty and surprisingly easy, too. Get the instructions here.

Tablescape with cakes, floral arrangements and antlers Photo: Kara's Party Ideas via Pinterest

Boho Quell surprise (just kidding), boho is still trending. (It's so pretty, we ain't even mad about it sticking around). Walk into any trendy store and you'll be bombarded with tassled textures, crystals, floral patterns, antlers (so many antlers) and vintage reproductions. The boho trend will keep on trucking through 2018 with lots of greenery and pretty pinks. Better get your floral crown supplies ready. And pick up a vintage lace tablecloth at the thrift store while you're at it. And some salt crystals, too.

Colourful felt pompoms on garland Photo: Kirrakai via Etsy

Pompoms We've already been seeing a surge of the old-timey puff balls. They're likely lining the edge of the Anthro curtains in your nursery and on your earrings, but the pompom craze is projected to get EVEN BIGGER. Get ready for all the balls. Quick, grab the glue gun! You can stick them on that blanket, bib, tea towel, onesie...errr, basically put them on all the things.

For a shower, lay pompoms on the food table, hang a pompom garland and glue a pom to each cup for added flair.

And lucky you, we have a tutorial for quick and easy DIY pompoms. Get the instructions here.

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