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15 unique baby names you’ll adore

If you’re looking for sweet-but-unusual name inspo for your baby-to-be, look no further, we’ve compiled our fave unique baby names. You’ll definitely want to add some of these to your list.

By Today's Parent
15 unique baby names you’ll adore

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Unique baby names don’t have to be strange—they could be delightfully unusual or just beat to their own drum. With picks inspired by nature, prose and even time of day, this out-of-the-box list has something for everyone.


This French moniker is an ode to the fragrant spice and falls in the same category as other unique baby names like Chamomile and Sage. (We’re big fans of a food and plant themes for names.)


En Francais, Mauve translates to “violet-coloured” and is reminiscent of the Victorian period. It’s a pretty fit for your colourful character.


Not to be confused with Jupiter (which is also a lovely, out-of-this-world name), this androgynous namesake means “young” and pulls from nature, as a juniper tree is a small, evergreen shrub. Oh, and it’s got Latin roots. (See what we did there?)


Similar to the popular name Isla, Isle means “island.” And when you think about it, a strong piece of land that can hold its own in troubled water is a pretty cool thing to represent.


Fitting for both ladies and lads, you don’t have to be a tree hugger to love this naturistic name. Meaning “reddish-brown,” Elm can also be short for the oldfangled moniker Elmer—which surprisingly was a top 100 name in the last century!



Your kid can be a poet and not even know it. Another one that’s good for any gender, your babe doesn’t have to be a wordsmith to wear the name with confidence. Soleil Moon Frye (a.k.a. Punky Brewster) named her daughter Poet in 2005. Alternatives to riff off of could be Poesie, Sonnet and Poetry.


Here’s one that really rolls off the tongue. A constant reminder of the lack of sleep-ins to come, this unisex name means exactly what you think it does, “ahead of schedule.” You can alter the spelling to be styled as Earlie.


Another gender-bender, Fifer is a Scottish name and comes from the word fife, which is a small, high-pitched flute (and the ones who play this are called fifers, of course). It’s sort of a fresh and fun spin on Piper, too.


Most commonly a boy’s name, this one can go both ways. With English origins, it means “Ellis’s town.” It’s a popular surname and—if you’re a Sex in the City fan, and who isn’t?— it’s also the middle name of Cynthia Nixon’s son, Max.


Commonly a surname, this French title is fitting for girls and boys and means “merchant.” It can be shortened to Mercy, but we’re into it styled as Merc for a fun and casual nickname.



Zephyrus was the name of the Greek god of the west wind, so this Grecian moniker obviously has an easy-breezy feel to it. We love that it’s ambiguous and will invoke conversation about its origins. *Cue Red Hot Chili Peppers… Fly away on my zephyr...*


“Ah, a short form of Andre or Andrea,” you might be thinking. But, nope, this name stands alone. It’s actually pulled from the word draper (a good Mad Men name to add to your list for consideration) and means “fabric maker” or “cloth merchant.” *Ring ring* is that Project Runway calling for Drey?


A good, ol' Scottish boy’s name, Thane means “clan chieftain” and is familiar thanks to Shakespeare’s Macbeth, where it was used as a nobility title. It also sounds similar to unique baby names like Zane or Wayne. *Thane’s world, party time, excellent.*


Listen, this name isn’t for everyone, but you’re here to explore unique baby names, right? If you’re a space buff, this (inter)stellar name is one to consider.


Nature names are nice, and this one is no exception. It’s English and its meaning runs deep, literally. It’s more common in pop culture thanks to actress Lake Bell. Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen used it as a middle name for their daughter, Vivian.


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