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20 baby names that mean beautiful

Are you looking for a meaningful moniker for your little one? Check out these baby boy and girl (and unisex!) names that all mean beautiful.

By Kevin John Siazon

20 baby names that mean beautiful

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Having a baby can be one of the most beautiful things in life, so why not use this word as inspiration for your little one's moniker? Here are 20 baby names that mean beautiful, so you can celebrate that moment always.

Girl baby names that mean beautiful

BonnieThis cute name that means "beautiful" and "cheerful" is derived from Scotland, where they actually use is as a word in place of pretty—i.e. "She was a bonnie lass."

VenusVenus is the Roman goddess of beauty and love, so giving this name to your little one will hopefully give them her blessings. Plus, you'd be naming her after tennis star Venus Williams, too!

CalistaThis unique moniker is of Greek origin and means "most beautiful." Plus it lends itself to a variety of spellings if you want to get creative (Kallista, Calysta, Kalystah, etc...)

CalliopeOld-fashioned names are back in style, so this Greek name is the perfect choice. Calliope (pronounced kuh-ly-uh-pee) was the Greek muse who presided over eloquence and poetry, so it's no surprise that the name means "beautiful voice."

Naomi/NomiThis Hebrew-based name means "beautiful," "pleasant" and "delightful." For a less common variation, drop the letter A and opt for Nomi.

LindaLike Bonnie, this name is from a word that means "pretty," only in this case it's of Spanish origin. Fun fact: turns out Linda is one of the trendiest names in U.S. history. Who knew?

MabelThis old-school name has Latin origins and it's perfect for your little baby girl. The name means "Beautiful," "loving" and "lovable," which is exactly what you'll think of your daughter.

Boy baby names that mean beautiful

AdenAden is a name with Hebrew origins that stands for "attractive" and "handsome." This is another moniker with many spelling variations, so have fun with it!

KennethThis classic boys' name hails from the isles of Scotland and Ireland. It means "born of fire" and "handsome."

Jamil/JamalThough these Arabic names are pronounced fairly differently, they both mean the same thing: "beautiful."

KevinThis is another name of Irish and Gaelic tradition, meaning "handsome." While it was very popular in North America for over four decades, it's been falling off with new babes. Maybe it's time to bring it back?

ZaynIn the past decade, this name has became huge for little boys—owing in a large part to one of boy band One Direction's resident heartthrobs, Zayn Malik. It has Arabic origins and stands for "beauty" and "grace."

AlanAlan may seem like a fairly commonplace name, but this Irish moniker means "handsome" and "cheerful." Bonus, it can easily be used for a girl with a few extra letters, i.e. Alanna.

HasanAnother Arabic selection, Hasan is derived from a word that means "to be beautiful" and "to be good." Hussein also has a similar meaning: "small, handsome one."

ShaquilleWho knew Shaq's name meant beautiful? Though it was popularized by the famous basketball player, it originated from Arabic culture and means "well-developed" and "handsome."

Unisex baby names that mean beautiful

MemphisPlace names are lots of fun, and this one is unique in that it can work for your baby regardless of their gender. It has Greek origins and means "enduring" and "beautiful."

MikaThe girl version of this unique name has Japanese origins and means "beautiful fragrance." While less common, it can also be used for boys as a shorter version of Mikael.

RumiAnother Japanese moniker, Rumi became recognizable when pop star Beyoncé used it for one of her twins. While she gave it to her daughter, the name can also be used for boys without a change in its meaning, which is "beauty" and "flow."

BeauWhile traditionally a boys' name, this French moniker has crossed over to be used for girls as well. The original meaning is "handsome" since it was the masculine version of beauty.