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32 sweet flower names for your baby

Hey, Ivy. Hey, William. If you're looking for flower baby names for boys and girls, we've got a list of the cutest ones, plus the meanings behind them.

32 sweet flower names for your baby

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Maybe you spend hours each day in your flower garden or have simply find yourself drawn to florals in every incarnation. However your love of natural blossoms manifests, there's bound to be the perfect flower-inspired name for your budding bundle of joy.

Feminine flower names


This English name is a symbol of innocence and purity, which is exactly how your tiny babe comes into the world. Lily could be a nickname for Lillian or Lilliana if you're looking for a more formal option. Lily is currently one of the most popular baby names in England and Wales.


This charming botanical name, of Latin origin, has tons of variations. You could name your daughter Rosetta, Rosalie or Rosemary and call her Rose for short. But we also like the idea of a little girl named Rose, who goes by Rosie. Lily-Rose Depp, daughter to Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, is a beautiful combination of the first two names on the list.

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Feminine flower names, pt 2


A “heavenly flower” from Hawaii, Leilani is a sweet name for the baby girl you love. Just make sure you take her to Hawaii one day.


This French name means "daisy," and who wouldn't want to be named after such a cheerful flower? If you're thinking of naming your baby Margaret, maybe this will persuade you to try the French spin.

Fleur or Fflur

A delicate-sounding name that translates directly to “flower.” Fleur is of French origin (obviously!), but if you want to be different, opt for the Welsh spelling, Fflur, which means flora. Fleur was the name of that cute skunk in Bambi, as well as one of our favourite wizards in Harry Potter.

the girl is holding flowers in her hands. Selective focus. nature. Yana Tatevosian/ Getty Images


Feminine flower names, pt 3


Of English origin, this name means “a flower,” but this isn't your average bloom. It's vibrant pink, so it's the perfect name for your bold little girl. Azaleas blossom in the springtime, so might we suggest this moniker for May babies.


A Greek moniker, this name is derived from the sweet alyssum flower and means “rational.” Alyssa Milano has made the name famous, first for her work as an actress, but also as one of the women who started the #MeToo movement. You might have an equally fierce feminist on your hands.


This small white flower is known for being delicate and fragrant. The name is Persian, and Princess Jasmine from the Disney classic Aladdin is one of its famous bearers.

Feminine flower names, pt 4


This gorgeous Greek name means “cinnamon,” which is also the scent that the cassia plant emits—it's sweet and spicy! This name can be pronounced as cass-ee-a, or as cash-a, like the cassia tree itself.


You may be surprised to find out that this Scandinavian name is also a genus of over 800 different plants in the family Ericaceae. In Latin, Erica means "heather," specifically winter and spring heather.


Cool and edgy, Zinnia is of Latin origin, and the zinnia flower symbolizes remembrance. Roald Dahl knows a good name when he sees it—Zinnia Wormwood is the mother of Matilda in his famous novel of the same name; though she has a questionable personality, her name is pretty cool.

Assortment of pink-shaded zinnias in a flower patch glennimage/ Getty Images

Feminine flower names, pt 5


This Latin-origin name means... yep, "purple." Your baby can be name-twins with Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s eldest daughter, who made this name popular.


This Greek name is fitting for your little star, as that's exactly what it means. Aster flowers look similar to daisies, but come in bright colours like magenta and purple. Also, this flower is known for attracting butterflies!


Iris was the Greek goddess of the rainbow, who rode the rainbow as a bridge from heaven to earth. She was referred to as a symbol of power and majesty—like all girls should be, right?


This English name was very popular in aristocratic families, and the cheery orange-and-yellow flower is often seen as a symbol of the Virgin Mary. It’s a great name if you’re trying to commemorate a parent or grandparent who had the name Mary or Maria, but you want something slightly different.

violets GiN Fotó/ Getty Images


Feminine flower names, pt 6


This Latin name means "flower," and the plant itself symbolizes remembrance thanks to the poem "In Flanders Fields." But the poppy can also be a symbol of beauty, success and a lively imagination. As well, the Ancient Greeks felt the flower represented sleep because the poppy's sap has a sedative effect. Maybe naming your baby Poppy will mean she will be a good sleeper?


Bryony means “to sprout,” like how white briony vines sprout wildly upwards (and are slightly destructive, much like a toddler in a recently cleaned house). This Latin name is pronounced as Brian with an "ee" at the end.


There’s a delicacy to this English name meaning “first rose,” which in the language of flowers represents young love. Primroses come in lots of colours including red, yellow, blue, blue-purple, white and cream. A famous Primrose is the younger sister of Katniss in The Hunger Games trilogy.

panorama of a field of red poppies against the background of the evening sky"t"r"n MikeMareen/ Getty Images

Feminine flower names, pt 7


How cute is this name for an energetic little girl? A fresh daisy resembles the sun, and in Old English it means “day's eye,” so don’t be surprised if your little daisy grows up to shine.


This big and beautiful perennial comes in lots of bright colours like purple and red. The name Dahlia is Scandinavian and comes from the word for "valley." In the Victorian language of flowers, dahlias signify elegance and dignity, but are also a nod to the eternal bond of commitment.


Welcome your little Heather into the world and watch her thrive, just like this flowering purple plant. In Scotland, this plant grew in barren lands, bringing life to the rocky grounds.

Close up of woman cutting dahlia flowers at allotment. Betsie Van der Meer/ Getty Images

Feminine flower names, pt 8


“Are you a Christmas baby?” asked everyone who has ever met a Holly. Holly bushes have punchy red berries, making them instantly recognizable and very popular during the festive season. The name comes from the Old English word "holegn," which means "to prick."


In Ancient Greece, newlyweds would be gifted an ivy wreath to symbolize their faithfulness to one another. And today the Old English name still represents faithfulness. We're sure your sweet Ivy will be just as cool and stylish as Blue Ivy Carter.


It’s time to burn some sage and welcome your baby girl into a positive and soothing world. This Latin moniker means “wise” and will hopefully bestow a lifetime of wisdom upon your baby.

Advent wreath on blue ground Westend61/ Getty Images


Masculine flower names, pt 1


The cedar tree is thought to be the home to important gods and can even connect you to different realms! In ancient times, people burned cedar for purification. We like this French name because it's unisex.


Surprisingly, this fragrant herb can sprout little flowers. This charming Greek name means "regal" and is obviously fit for your little prince.


Ren is a beautiful choice for your baby. In Irish it means "water lily" and in Japanese it means "lotus." The sacred lotus flower was symbolic of rebirth in ancient Egyptian culture, and Buddhists see it as a sign of spiritual awakening. One Ren we love is the star of the film Footloose, who you might say found rebirth through dance. Everybody cut footloose!

Big Cedar And Kennedy Falls Trail in autumn, North Vancouver, BC, Canada LeonU/ Getty Images

Masculine flower names, pt 2


Meaning “rose” in Hebrew, this name is fitting for your sweet little babe. Jared Padalecki of Supernatural fame (and Dean for all you Gilmore Girls fans) is a celebrity with this fresh name.


Colour baby names (hey, Blue Ivy) are very on trend right now. This name originates from the deep-blue dye that comes from the indigo plant. It's striking for either a girl or a boy.


This one is an Old French and German name that means “reddish-brown hair.” So if you have a baby name picked out, but your little dude comes out with copper-coloured hair, maybe you should name him Sorrel? If you didn’t know, a flowering sorrel is a hibiscus, which can be used to make teas and other drinks.


Sweet William comes in white, pink, purple and red and grows in beautiful clusters. Who knew Prince William’s German moniker was so floral?


In Sanskrit, Kunal means “lotus,” or “someone who sees beauty in everything.” That’s no surprise though, as the beautiful lotus flower stands out in the murkiest of ponds. We love actor Kunal Nayyar, who plays the adork-able Rajesh Koothrappali on The Big Bang Theory.

Baptisia australis or blue wild indigo or blue false indigo plant with blue flowers and trifoliate leaves photohampster/ Getty Images
This article was originally published on Oct 16, 2020

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