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20 unique baby names inspired by nature

Have a baby coming soon? Take some inspiration from nature with these unique baby names!

Mother Nature is all around us, so why not take some inspiration from her and all her wonders when naming your little one? These names all have to do with this big green planet we call home, so naturally, we love them!

Nature names for girls

This seasonal name embodies those laid-back feelings of warmth and sunshine that will follow your babe throughout the whole year.

Juniper is a unique name taken from the Juniper tree, which symbolizes protection and healing.

This Arabic name meaning pearl is perfect for your little treasure.

This Latin name comes from the Roman goddess of the dawn, but it also reminds us of the Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights), which is a fitting comparison for your awe-inspiring little one.

Kinsley as a first name is taken from an English surname that means “king’s meadow.”

This adorable name comes from the French word for cherry.

The name Poppy is more popular overseas in the UK than it is here in North America, but this lovely name embodies the cheerful nature of its floral namesake.

In Hawaii, Kailani is a popular name that means “the sea and the sky.”

Flora is a Latin name that obviously means flowers, but did you know that it’s also the name for the Roman goddess of spring?

We love this Hebrew name that means paradise, as in the biblical Garden of Eden. This name also works for baby boys, too!

Nature names for boys

This name has Gaelic origins, and means little red one, which refers to the little red berries that grow on actual rowan trees.

Landon is a cool English name that actually means grassy plain. Who knew?

This cute Latin-based name means “like a king,” but it’s also derived from the plant that makes sure your pasta tastes just that much better.

This cute moniker means “source of the brook,” which comes from bekke, the Middle English word for stream or brook.

Ryland is an English name that means “land where rye is grown.” So cute, simple and straightforward.

Ronan means little seal, which comes from an Irish legend of a mother seal who was turned into a human and had children known as ronans, or little seals.

This fun name is derived from Zephyrus, the Greek god of the west winds, who is also said to be the husband of Iris, the Greek goddess of the rainbow.

This moniker has multiple nature-related meanings depending on what language you look at. In Hebrew, this name means lion. In German, it means eagle. In Arabic, it means “bringer of rain,” and in Turkish, it means bee.

Rivers can range from calm, soothing waters to powerful raging rapids, so this name will surely fit your baby’s personality no matter how he turns out.

Jasper is a kind of gemstone that comes in many different colours and patterns. This name is derived from the Old French word jaspre, meaning spotted or speckled stone.

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