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17 Cute Celestial Baby Names

It's not a bad idea to look to the stars when it comes time to choose your baby's moniker. These names are out of this world.

17 Cute Celestial Baby Names

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1. Apollo  It's not just the name of the Zeus' son, you probably recognize it from NASA's famous space program. The name is associated with a Greek verb meaning "to destroy," but we like to think of it as slaying.

2. Galaxy/Galexie You know, the great beyond that we're just floating in like a speck of dust. This name can be shortened to Gal or Lexie.

3. Orion A Greek name meaning "rising in the sky," Orion (pronounced O-Ryan) is also a constellation with three bright stars.

4. Archer  If you're having a Sagittarius baby, this name could be a cute fit. The symbol for that group of stars is an archer who is half-man, half-horse. We think Archie has a nice ring to it, too.

5. Sirius It's the name of Harry Potter's godfather, but Sirius is also the brightest star in the night sky.

6. Leo Who says this one has to be short for Leonardo? Leo is a constellation and the fifth astrological sign of the zodiac.Leos represent determination and courage.

7. Nova A nova is when a star suddenly brightens, so it's no wonder this name means "new star."

8. Sol The short form of the classic Hebrew name Solomon, Sol is also the Latin word for sun. We think this moniker is a bright idea.


9. Aurora Originating from the Roman goddess of the dawn whose tears were attributed to morning dew, it's the name of the dazzling display of lights that dance in the sky called the Aurora Borealis (or Northern lights). But let's not forget Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.

10. Celeste A derivative of the French word céleste, this pretty name means heavenly or celestial. What a perfect title for your little angel.

11. Ophelia Ophelia is a tiny moon on Uranus (how a planet called that can have such a beautifully named moon is beyond us). The name is also in Shakespeare's Hamlet. In Greek, it means serpent.

12. Portia It seems Shakespeare was a big fan of the names of Uranus' moons, since the female lead of his play The Merchant of Venice was named Portia. Ellen's wife, Portia de Rossi, is one of its more popular namesakes.

13. Phoebe Meaning "bright, radiant and prophetic," Phoebe was one of Saturn's outermost moons for nearly a century. It's also the name of the Goddess of the moon in Greek mythology. If you're a Friends fan, you know this name from eccentric character, Phoebe Buffay. #smellycat


14. Halley You've probably heard of Halley's Comet, you may have even seen one in your life. The short-period comet is the only one known to be regularly visible to the naked-eye from Earth (but it's only visible to us every 74-79 years).

15. Luna The Latin word for moon, it's made its way into pop culture thanks to Harry Potter's friend Luna Lovegood. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend named their daughter Luna in 2016.

16. Astrid A Scandinavian name meaning "divine strength," it's also the name of the Swedish microsatellite and is a favourite moniker of Norway's royal families.

17. Cassiopeia The constellation Cassiopeia is rooted in Greek mythology, as she was the queen who infamously boasted about her beauty (so maybe not an ideal role model for your kid). But it is a sweet name for your beautiful new baby. It can be shortened to Cassie or Cass.

This article was originally published on Mar 19, 2018

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