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19 totally awesome sleepover activities

Congratulations, you're going to host a herd of children overnight! Here are our favourite sleepover activities to help keeps things fun and fresh.

19 totally awesome sleepover activities

From glow-in-the-dark games to homemade spa sessions, we’ve 19 super sleepover activities that can turn a regular night into an amazing sleepover experience.

Get ready for a night filled with laughter, creativity, and unforgettable memories they’ll never forget.

Play Twister

Every sleepover needs some fun games, right? Sure, you can go for the classics like Monopoly, Scrabble, and Clue…or spice things up with a pizza-themed twist on Twister.

To play this game, the goal is to be crafty! Start by gathering supplies like stiffened felt, scissors, double-sided tape, a vinyl tablecloth (opt for flannel backing to prevent slipping), cardboard, yellow paper, masking tape, markers, and a split pin fastener.

Next, begin by cutting a square from the cardboard and covering it with paper, securing the edges with masking tape. Then, divide the square into four sections and draw four different toppings in each section. Once you’re done with that, add directions to each quadrant.

Afterwards, create an arrow from cardboard, cover it with masking tape, poke a hole at one end, and attach it to the center of the board using the split pin fastener (make sure it can spin freely).

Finally, cut out toppings from felt and affix them to the tablecloth using double-sided tape.

19 totally awesome sleepover activities Photo: Roberto Caruso

Practice hairstyles

Sleepovers are a blast when you turn them into a makeover extravaganza. Bring out the sheet masks and nail polish, or dive into the world of trendy hairstyles.

While braids and ponies are timeless choices, don't shy away from experimenting with fresh styles like faux hawks, topsy-twist ponytails, and waterfall braids. Who knows, you might just become a pro at these looks for those days when your hair just won't cooperate!

19 totally awesome sleepover activities


DIY wooden stamps

Remember those awesome sleepovers you used to have with all the arts and crafts? How about letting the kids enjoy that same kind of fun with this cool DIY wooden rubber stamp activity? Just gather up some wooden cubes, sweet foam stickers, paint, a brush, painter’s tape, and ink pads.

To make your own stamps, stick a sticker on one side of the cube for stamping. Get creative with tape to make patterns on the other sides, paint over them, let it dry, peel off the tape, and pop them in a loot bag to take home.

19 totally awesome sleepover activities

Make emoji necklaces

If you’re stumped on a sleepover craft/goodie bag idea, look no further! These emoji necklaces are super adorable and keep the kids entertained.

All you need are basic supplies like a rolling pin, permanent markers, beads, modeling clay, plastic laces, toothpicks, and a cookie cutter.

Roll out the clay, cut out discs, poke holes, and bake at 110°C for 30 minutes, then let them cool before drawing emoji faces and stringing them with beads.

19 totally awesome sleepover activities Photo: Tony Lanz

Tie-dye stuff

If you're looking for a fun sleepover idea, why not try tie-dyeing some pillowcases, t-shirts, or PJ bottoms? It's a hit with kids of all ages, and allows you to flex your creative muscle.

Skip the store-bought kit and whip up your own dye using natural ingredients: beets, purple cabbage, turmeric (find it in the spice section), and an orange pekoe tea bag. We promise you, they’re going to have a blast creating some awesome, colorful designs.

19 totally awesome sleepover activities Photo: By Stephanie Lynn via Pinterest


Movie night!

When it comes to sleepovers, movies are a must! If you're unsure about what to watch, go with well-loved favorites like The Princess Diaries, Finding Nemo, Aquamarine, or Freaky Friday, especially if there are tweens in the group. These feel-good films are sure to bring on the giggles without any spooky moments.

And don't forget about the snacks to accompany the flick. While popcorn is always a hit, why not try making some simple cupcakes to add an extra sweet touch.

19 totally awesome sleepover activities Photo: Erik Putz

Animal zipper charm

Need another goodie bag idea? How about making an adorable zipper charm with items you can find at the dollar store?

Pick up some fake flowers with wire stems, little toy animals, and lanyard hooks. Then, have some fun crafting! Just slide a flower stem through a hook, wrap it around a toy, and you're all set!

19 totally awesome sleepover activities

Play with magic

Having themed sleepovers like this is a blast, especially when your kid's birthday is close to Halloween.

You can get creative with spooky crafts, watch Harry Potter all night, and have a great time dressing up as wizards and witches! And hey, don't forget to make some creepy (or should we say healthy?) treats like this spooky elixir.

19 totally awesome sleepover activities


Play spin the bottle

We can almost hear you thinking – Kiss the Bottle at a sleepover? How does that even happen?

But wait, here's a fun twist –switch it up like this idea and make it all about getting a fancy pedicure instead of kisses! How cool is that!

19 totally awesome sleepover activities Photo: One Creative Mommmy via Pinterest

Have a pillow fight

Forget pillow fights! Try this idea, and you’ll have a pillow battle instead. Kids can play pillow fort wars with these kinds of pillow weapons, and parents can breathe easy knowing it's all safe fun.

19 totally awesome sleepover activities Photo: Bit Rebels via Pinterest

DIY hair clips

After mastering some braids, you can make your very own personalized hair clip. Just grab some colored bobby pins, a glue gun, and some letter beads. Then, simply attach the letter beads to the flat side of a bobby pin using the glue gun.

19 totally awesome sleepover activities


Play capture the flag

When the kids are all sugared up and bouncing off the walls, it's definitely time to let them run wild and burn off that energy!

If you've got a spacious yard, why not spice things up with a glow-in-the-dark game using glow sticks? It's a total blast and guarantees everyone will be ready to crash out when bedtime rolls around.

19 totally awesome sleepover activities Photo: Let's Get Together via Pinterest

Mini hockey sticks

Hosting a bunch of little hockey fans for the night? Grab some red duct tape, big Popsicle sticks, a glue gun, black buttons, and scissors, and you can make a cool table hockey game with these little sticks. It's super cute and will keep the kiddos entertained for hours!

19 totally awesome sleepover activities Photo: Tony Lanz

Make a crown

For a super fun princess sleepover, why not try making these cute DIY crowns with just pipe cleaners, pompoms, gems, and some glue?

Then, why not spice things up by having a mini fashion show where everyone can flaunt their princess dresses and handmade crowns like royalty? Parents can join in too, snapping photos like paparazzi to capture the fun!

19 totally awesome sleepover activities Photo: Roberto Caruso


Play with tape

Searching for a neat sleepover activity using things you already own? Try making this DIY zipper case using duct tape! Just gather a cotton pillowcase, some duct tape, scissors, a ziplock bag, gem stickers, a hole punch, craft wire, and a metal fastener – and let's get crafting!

Start by cutting strips of duct tape and sticking them on the pillowcase to make a strong base. Then, wrap this tape sheet around the ziplock bag to create your very own unique case. Add some extra style with fringe details, gem stickers, and a cute tassel. Lastly, fill the case up with treats and toys.

19 totally awesome sleepover activities

DIY pillowcase

Making DIY pillowcases can be another fun sleepover project. Just grab some fabric markers or Sharpies, and let the kids unleash their creativity with doodles and designs.

Plus, if the sleepover is close to Halloween, you've got yourself some homemade trick-or-treat bags. It's all about going big or going home, isn't it?

19 totally awesome sleepover activities Photo: Be a Fun Mum via Pinterest

Build a fort

Why not make the next sleepover a bit more magical by transforming their usual hangout spot into a cool fort?

All you need are some sheets, blankets, and fairy lights to create a snug and enchanting space that's sure to inspire a ton of imaginative games and help friends bond even more.

19 totally awesome sleepover activities Photo: The Staten Island Family via Pinterest


Friendship bracelets

Honestly, you can't go wrong with this classic sleepover craft. It's super fun to make your own friendship bracelets and show off your style.

You can whip up cool designs like a chevron bracelet, a t-shirt bracelet, or even a beaded one. And the best part? They'll have a special keepsake to cherish their friendship forever!

19 totally awesome sleepover activities
This article was originally published on Mar 25, 2016

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