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14 plant-based meat alternatives your kids will love

Meat-free doesn't have to be a Monday thing. These ready-made proteins taste great and make plant-based eating a no-brainer.

14 plant-based meat alternatives your kids will love

Photo: Ikea

With the refresh of Canada's Food Guide in early 2019, more and more families are now embracing plant-based meat alternatives—and why not? These vegetarian meats taste great and are kinder on the environment. While cooking without meat isn't impossible, we get that it can be time-consuming. So, here are some great packaged options you can stash in the freezer for those pull-together-quickly weeknight meals.

packaged plant-based chicken strips plant based meat alternatives Photo courtesy of President's Choice

1. PC Chickenless Breaded Strips

Ready in 20 minutes, these breaded strips are tender and crispy, just like real chicken fingers. Pop them into taco shells with some avocado and pico de gallo and you've got a yummy Mexican-inspired dinner. 

plant-based ground round in package plant based meat alternatives Photo courtesy of the The Meatless Farm Co.

2. Meatless Farm Meat Free Ground

Picture spaghetti bolognese with a fraction of the fat. The company claims this plant-based ground tastes better than beef.

plant-based burger in package plant based meat alternatives Photo courtesy of Beyond Meat

3. Beyond Meat Beyond Burger

McDonalds, A&W, Subway, Tim Hortons! You'll be hard-pressed to find a fast-food chain that isn't serving up tasty plant-based meat alternatives from Beyond Meat. Grab some burgers to make at home and see if your family notices the difference.

package of tofu medium-firm Photo courtesy of Sunrise Soya Foods

4. Sunrise Tofu


Don't roll your eyes at tofu. This soy-based protein is like a chameleon—it's all in the sauce! Find a recipe that works for your family and this will be an affordable slam dunk dinner.

frozen plant-based burgers in box Photo courtesy of Sol Cuisine

5. Sol Cuisine Mushroom & Wild Rice Burgers

Portobello mushrooms give these soy protein-based burgers the perfect texture. Go classic by topping these with a tasty sauce, pickles, tomato, lettuce and onions.

plant-based nuggets in package Photo courtesy of Yves

6. Yves Veggie Cuisine Veggie Chick'n Nuggets

McDonald's called and wants to know how these crispy chicken-free nuggets taste so darn good. This is the perfect cheat meal with a side of crudités and honey for dipping—yum!

plant-based sliced turkey in package Photo courtesy of Tofurky

7. Tofurky Oven Roasted Deli Slices

Not just a silly name, these meatless turkey slices are a great snack or sandwich topper.

plant-based fish in packaging Photo courtesy of Gardein

8. Gardein Golden Filets

Fish lovers rejoice. Switching to these fish-free filets won't mean you have to sacrifice your Omega-3s.

plant-based sausage in package Photo courtesy of Field Roast Company

9. Field Roast Company Smoked Apple Sage Simulated Sausage


Sometimes a meal calls for a smokey sausage and these links deliver. Made with Yukon Gold potatoes, apples and rubbed sage, they're good in a bun or chopped up and thrown into a chili or pasta.

plant-based jerky in packagin Photo courtesy of Noble Jerky

10. Noble Jerky Vegan Jerky

We're not sure how they do it, but this non-GMO soy protein somehow manages to deliver the same chewy satisfaction as jerky made from meat.

packages of different flavoured jackfruit Photo courtesy of Upton Naturals

11. Upton Naturals Jackfruit

Craving pulled pork? Give jackfruit a try. The nutrient-dense fruit mimics the texture of pulled meat and can be flavoured to suit whatever dish you're making.

plate of cauliflower "wings" and dipping sauces Photo courtesy of Wholly Veggie!

12. Wholly Veggie!

You won't even miss the meat when you cook up these crispy cauliflower "wings". Packed with flavour and veggies, choose from Ranch or Buffalo dipping sauces.

lifestyle shot of packaged meatballs on green background surrounded by vegetables Photo: Ikea

13. Huvudroll Plant Ball

This new plant-based offering from Ikea is made with pea protein, oats, potatoes, onion, and apples and has the same taste and texture to its meaty counterpart, just without the meat. Bonus: The new plant ball has only 4 per cent of the climate footprint as the traditional meatball and contributes to the retailer’s ambition to become climate positive by 2030.

jar of plant-based bolognese sauce Photo: President's Choice

14. President's Choice Plant Based Bolognese Pasta


This hearty comfort food gets a veggie twist with a textured soy protein that feels just like ground beef. Balanced with crushed tomatoes, onions, carrots and just the right herbs, it may not rival Nonna's famous sauce, but it's still pretty delicious—and low in fat!

This article was originally published on Mar 01, 2021

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