You're going to hate this alternate version of The Alphabet Song

Sure, it clarifies the LMNOP part of the song, but did they have to go and ruin the classic version we all know and love?

For English-speaking children, there’s nothing more iconic than The Alphabet Song. You know the tune (which some people may not realize is actually the same tune as Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and Baa, Baa, Black Sheep—you’re welcome), and you know how adorable it is when kids rush through the ell-em-en-oh-pee part, reciting it as one long letter. But as cute as that is, this alternate version of the song that’s going viral on the internet wants to RUIN EVERYTHING.

Yup, this weird version of The Alphabet Song recently made the rounds on Twitter, and trust us, you’re not going to like it. Have a listen:

Completely aggravating, right?

Now, we totally understand that this version makes it a lot easier to understand the individual letters since it stems from a 2012 YouTube video posted by the educational kids site So for English learners, this version of the song totally makes sense: L, M, N, O and P are all separated by the same amount of time as all the other letters. And hey, at least it keeps the original tune intact.

A little boy singing in the backseat of a car 8 kids' songs that I never ever want to hear againBUT, like we said before, the original version is a classic—it’s basically an institution in and of itself. You can’t just go and change that!

Realistically, those who despise the new song can probably rest easy: this version was originally posted almost a decade ago, so it doesn’t look like it’ll actually be replacing the classic version we know and love any time soon. But still, don’t you just love a good hate-listen?

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