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9 fun ABC games for kids

So you've taught your kid the what? These fun alphabet games will help them start to recognize letters, which is one step closer to learning to read.

9 fun ABC games for kids

Photo: Courtesy of the Crafted Sparrow via Pinterest

First off, remember that there is no pressure to teach your kids the ABCs at any particular time. There's a big age range for learning the alphabet that spans all the way to preschool or kindergarten, but some children show interest earlier and that's great, too. If you're at the point where your kid can recognize letters and adorably recite their "enemenopees," you can make it fun to expand on those skills by trying out some of these ABC games, which cover letter-matching, making the connection between big and little letters and starting to learn how to write. Try setting a game up the night before so you can put them to work in the morning and get reacquainted with your fave ABC—A Big Cup of coffee.

Alphabet cars

Break out that giant collection of toy cars and stick a piece of tape marked with a letter on top of each one. Then have your kid line them up in alphabetical order and sing the ABC song while pointing to the car with the correct letter.

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9 fun ABC games for kidsPhoto: Courtesy of The Crafted Sparrow via Pinterest

Alphabet tray

This simple matching game only requires alphabet magnets and a metal tray. Tape a printout of the alphabet onto the tray and have your kid match the magnetic letters to the page. You could even stick this on the fridge!

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9 fun ABC games for kidsPhoto: Courtesy of Intentional Momma via Pinterest


Alphabet hunt

Does your kid love playing in the sandbox? Teach him the alphabet by burying some foam letters in a big box of sand. Before you start, write up the alphabet on plank pieces of paper and place them beside the box. Then, have your kid excavate the letters and place them on top of the corresponding letter (and watch out for the sandy mess!)

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9 fun ABC games for kidsPhoto: Courtesy of Busy Toddler via Pinterest

Alphabet goldfish

Make snack time more fun with this great activity! Give your kid these printable letters and a bowl of Goldfish crackers. Then, have her place the crackers on the sheet as if she were tracing the letter. This will also help her get used to the direction of writing strokes.

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9 fun ABC games for kidsPhoto: Courtesy of Totschooling via Pinterest

Alphabet Lego

Get your little Lego-lover excited about learning the alphabet by using his collection as an educational tool. Write letters on blank labels and stick them on large Lego blocks (make sure to include a mix of both uppercase and lowercase letters). Then have your kid go to town stacking the matching letters together!

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9 fun ABC games for kidsPhoto: Planning Playtime via Pinterest


Alphabet monster

This DIY monster is made entirely from recycled materials: an old baby wipe container and some bottle caps. After you’ve collected your bottlecaps, write a letter on each one and have your kid “feed” the monster while saying each letter as it goes in. The best part is there’s no cleanup involved—the monster’s already done the work for you.

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9 fun ABC games for kidsPhoto: Courtesy of I Can Teach My Child via Pinterest

Alphabet sugar

This activity is as fun as it is relaxing: Pour some sugar on a large plate and have your kid write out the alphabet with her finger. If you’re worried about sticky hands, try using some soft sand instead.

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9 fun ABC games for kidsPhoto: Courtesy of Planning Playtime via Pinterest

Alphabet train

Choo-choo! This matching game improves your kid’s letter recgonition by getting him to pair up the letters on the "wheels” with the letters on the train. To make this game more challenging, try using lowercase letters for the wheels.

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9 fun ABC games for kidsPhoto: Courtesy of Thriving Home Blog via Pinterest


Alphabet apple tree

What kid doesn’t love stickers? Your little one can match the red “apples” with the matching letter on the tree. You can reward her with a real apple when she’s done the game!

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9 fun ABC games for kidsPhoto: Courtesy of I Heart Crafty Things via Pinterest

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