This father and son will completely change the way you sing your ABCs

We thought we knew our ABCs, but a video of a father-son duo performing the schoolhouse classic has us wanting to relearn.

father and son sing and dance to hip hop songs together

Photo: Courtesy of @father_like_sonent 2404 via Instagram

Your classic ABCs just got a major remix from the father-son duo stealing all our hearts and trust us, the ‘A’ is for adorable.

Stanley Freeland, father of four-year-old Josiah, has been recording a series of precious videos in which he and his son don matching outfits and dance to a selection of hip hop tracks. The one the world’s currently obsessed with? A very charming Josiah performing a hip hop version of the ABCs. Yep. It’s as amazing as it sounds.

Dressed in matching grey polos, red shorts and bright white sneakers, the father and son deliver the alphabet like you’ve never heard it before. With Josiah taking centre stage and his father performing hype man duties, the two dance and groove all the way from A-Z.

“What inspired me to do the dance videos is seeing my son happy at dances, and seeing him look up to me,” Freeland told Fox 5 DC, adding that he feels the videos help “bring much joy and peace in the world today.”

We love this father’s commitment to being a role model for his son—helping to create a special bond between them through music and creative expression. Now, please excuse us while we learn this choreography.

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