8 campfire songs your kids will love

Gather your campers, marshmallows and instruments because it’s time for a classic campfire sing-a-long!

8 campfire songs your kids will love

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The sun has set over the campground and you've finally got the fire roaring. All the little ones are gathered around and s'mores are in production. Now's the moment to grab your guitar and start a family sing-along! Here are some classic tunes that pair perfectly with marshmallows.

1. "Down By the Bay"

Get the creative juices flowing with this game of musical improv. The whole family will be in stitches trying to come up with the most-clever rhyming line. Have you ever seen a fish eating out of a dish? A deer singing in a mirror (well, that one might be a bit of a stretch)? The fun goes on and on—and it gets the kids practicing rhyming. Winning!


2. "I Met a Bear"

If you’re out in the woods with a group of young 'uns, this simple call-and-response song makes for a fun sing-a-long. Sing the story of what happens when you suddenly stumble across a bear in the woods, with nothing to defend yourself. Don’t worry, it has a happy ending.

3. "Home On the Range"

Who doesn’t know this campfire classic? Break out the acoustic guitar and your best country twang while you and the fam-jam belt out this true cowboy classic. Now, repeat once more, with feeling!

4. "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain"

Warning: This song will be stuck in your head for weeks. This super-simple childhood song is fun to break out with the kiddies, who will catch on quickly to the repetitious refrain. Before you know it, it will be a full-on hoe-down around your campfire.

5. "Land of the Silver Birch"

This Canadian folk song is a true tribute to the beauty of our nation’s nature. From the mighty moose to the northern hills, this song is great for instilling that Canadian pride we all feel, especially when surrounded by our lush wilderness. A perfect song for canoe trips and campfires alike.

6. "This Little Light of Mine"


Clap your hands and stomp your feet! This uplifting tune was made for having a good time. This infectious number will be sure to inspire even the most reluctant of campfire participants to join in.

7. "The Bear Went Over the Mountain"

This song’s repetition and simplicity make it a great one to sing with little campers. Have them act out the story of the curious bear who makes his way over the mountain. What is it that he saw? An entertaining night for all.

8. "The Road Goes Ever On"

No camp song embodies the spirit of delving into the unknown more than Bilbo Baggins’ old walking song from the children’s novel The Hobbit. Sing this together on your last night at camp to celebrate the journey you’ve had—and the many adventures yet to come.

This article was originally published on May 05, 2016

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