This woman has the WORST theme idea for her best friend's baby shower

"My friend made it clear she wants to do something I disagree with, so I'm making plans to co-opt her baby shower to let her know I mean business."

This woman has the WORST theme idea for her best friend's baby shower

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Yup. A woman recently posted on the Facebook group Sanctimommy saying that out of all the fun and cute baby shower themes out there, she plans on throwing an anti-circumcision-themed baby shower for her "BFF" who plans to circumcise her son.

Now, we're not going to weigh in on the circumcision debate because there's plenty of information about that on our site. We just think that commandeering your best friend's baby shower to push your own beliefs  is NOT. COOL.

In the Facebook post, she writes about her plan so far: she's gifting her friend a baby ankle band for the hospital that says not to cut or retract and making party favours that consist of anti-circumcision bumper stickers wrapped around candles. We don't even wanna know what her idea for the cake will be. *shudder*

The best part? She ends her post asking for more "ideas on how to subtlely [sic] include this at her baby shower." Lady, we're not sure you understand the meaning of subtle, but OK.

She does say she wants to open a dialogue about circumcision with her friend, but a baby shower is definitely not the time or place to do it. A more appropriate way would be during a one-on-one discussion over decaf coffee, but it seems they're past that stage since her friend "made it clear she wants to [circumcise]."

This woman means business, and if Ms. Foreskins 'R' Us goes through with this party, we only have one message for her friend: maybe it's time to cut her out, too.


This article was originally published on Jan 04, 2018

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