Sassy mom shames son for criticizing breastfeeding woman

When an adult man shamed a woman breastfeeding her baby at the pool, his mom swooped in to defend her and it was the BEST.

A breastfeeding mom was recently feeding her babe under a towel at a public pool when some guy walked up and asked her if she was breastfeeding. When she replied that she was, he let her know that was probably a bad idea.

But then something awesome happened. The man’s mom showed up. His name is Kevin, by the way. So Kevin’s MOM showed up. And she shamed him for shaming this breastfeeding mom.

This could have been a sad situation, leaving the breastfeeding mom feeling upset, defeated and angry. But it totally turned around.

We actually want to be friends with Kevin’s mom, because she sounds awesome. Her response is hilarious and justified and totally feel-good.

Here’s how it all went down:

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Breastfeeding Mama Talk via Facebook

We can’t help but picture that famous scene in Home Alone.

Kevin is probably very sorry for his actions and won’t ever think about shaming a breastfeeding mother again.

He’s probably realizing the error of his ways and making this face a lot.

One small step for Kevin, one giant chuckle for breastfeeding moms everywhere.


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