Adults are recreating these baby photo shoots for themselves and it's awesome

The pure joy captured in these photos proves that it's more than OK for adults to let out their inner child every once in a while.

By Kevin John Siazon

Adults are recreating these baby photo shoots for themselves and it's awesome

Photo: @michaeljfotos via Instagram

There's no denying baby cake-smash shoots are adorable. But what if the person smashing the cake is not actually a baby?

That's right, some adults have been celebrating their birthdays with their own cake-smash photo sessions, complete with colourful backdrops and fluffy tutus—just like the ones featuring babies. Is that silly? Yes. Is it childish? Double yes. Is it nonethless totally awesome and something every adult should get a chance to do if they want to? Yes! Yes! Yes!

It's been a thing on Pinterest and Instagram for a while now, but a writer at Buzzfeed recently shone a spotlight on this gem of a genre, so we just had to dig through the top pics and find our own favourites. Check them out below:

Some were bright and colourful.

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Others incorporated a few adult beverages.

Some weren't celebrating a birthday

And some weren't even cakes.

Some brought in the kids

and some brought out the kid inside.

We've all been tricked into thinking adulthood is a grind, but as you can totally see from these pics, it doesn't have to be that way. Why should kids have all the fun?

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