This mom's hilarious baby bump photo will make you do a double take

All she wanted to do was show her friend how big her baby bump had gotten, but things took a racy turn when her toddler son ran behind her.

This mom's hilarious baby bump photo will make you do a double take

Photo: Georgïa Shortall via Facebook

Toddlers do the most hilarious things—even when they're unintentional. Georgïa Shortall, a soon-to-be mom-of-two from New Mexico, recently posted a picture on Facebook of her and her toddler son that has us dying from laughter.

Shortall, who was 30 weeks pregnant at the time, took the mirror selfie while she was on the phone with a friend in an effort to show them how big her baby bump had gotten. When her friend received it, they couldn't stop laughing, because just as Shortall snapped the picture, her toddler son happened to run behind her, leaving only his leg exposed, making it look like...well, not a leg at all. Take a look (or two) at the results of this funny photobomb:

Still can't see it? Look beneath her baby bump and you'll see what appears to be a penis, but it's actually Shortall's toddler's leg.

Shortall told that she didn't notice the funny placement of her son's leg until after she sent the photo to her friend. Her friend, who was still on the other end of the phone line, apparently saw the picture and asked Shortall what exactly it was she was trying to show them. That's when she took another look, and started to crack up herself.

Luckily, she also decided to post it on Facebook so that we can all enjoy the hilarity. So thanks for the laugh, mama—we needed that.

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