Being pregnant

14 absolutely ridiculous pregnancy stock photos

With an entire catalogue of every kind of image imaginable, there's the good, the bad and the downright rotten when it comes to pregnancy photos. Check out the most hilarious we've come across.

14 absolutely ridiculous pregnancy stock photos

Photo: iStockphoto

Weirdest stock pregnancy photos

Practice makes perfect

There’s a lot to unpack here, but let’s just say it all comes down to this: you’re never tutu pregnant to play with dolls?

pregnant woman in a white tutu holding up a baby dollPhoto: iStockphoto

Water birth

So, his face is basically reenacting Flashdance on her belly…that’s what’s happening here, right?

Man holding his face close to a pregnant belly, water is poured overtop of both, he is making a face similar to the main dance scene in Flash DancePhoto: iStockphoto


Cool maternity shot

Remember that one time when you had a maternity shoot in the middle of a snow-laden forest wearing next to nothing? Yeah, me neither.

Pregnant woman mostly naked in the snow outsidePhoto: iStockphoto

Can’t wait to meet you

Hey baby, can’t wait to meet you…

Aggressively interested man peering over woman's pregnant belly with white infant socks on his fingersPhoto: iStockphoto

So extra

There’s nothing rotten to say here, this woman is everything. That faux fur, those velour pants—10/10, lady. 

Pregnant woman striking a poke in a white faux fur coat with the front opened to reveal her bare pregnant bellyPhoto: iStockphoto


Puppet love

Oh, just having some special one-on-one finger puppet time before the baby arrives.

Pregnant couple kissing and holding up finger puppets, mimicking a kissing actionPhoto: iStockphoto

So, about my birth plan


Pregnant woman in labour who looks very much like she does not want to be in labourPhoto: iStockphoto


Can you play “Careless Whisper?”

Pregnant woman in bra and lace underwear playing her heart out on the saxophonePhoto: iStockphoto


Splish splash

Special lady time with my rubber ducky.

Pregnant woman in the bath looking lovingly at a rubber ducky perched on her bellyPhoto: iStockphoto

It’s a hard knocked life

The struggle is real when you’re pregnant. But this struggle is just too much. 

Pregnant woman in crop top with denim vest in curlers crying with mascara running down her cheeksPhoto: iStockphoto

Baby it’s cold outside

Sometimes you just want to bust out the skis and take a solo trek in your bra and panties while, like, eight months pregnant. #yolo

Pregnant woman in bra and underwear skiing through a snowstorm in a lush forestPhoto: iStockphoto


Pizza time

A reenactment of the night you were conceived, little one.

Pregnant woman wearing lingerie and eating pizzaPhoto: iStockphoto


Sick tattoo, mama.

Pregnant belly with calendar tattooed on itPhoto: iStockphoto

Stretch, baby

This dog is in for a harsh reality when baby comes out. No more puppy kisses—or downward dog. 

Pregnant woman on yoga mat kissing dogPhoto: iStockphoto

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