Prince George's sixth birthday party is going to be pure magic

The future king is currently beaching in the Caribbean, but he's said to be coming back to quite the birthday bash!

Prince George's sixth birthday party is going to be pure magic

Prince George's fifth birthday portrait. Photo: Matt Porteous

Prince George turns six on July 22, which calls for celebration—but how does a future king mark this exciting milestone? With a blowout bash for all his kindergarten friends, of course. Prince William and Kate Middleton are said to be opening the doors of Kensington Palace to all their little guests in the near future, and serving up a very kid-friendly menu (though admittedly a little more refined than the Pizza Pizza pies we're accustomed to).

“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have gone all out to organize a birthday party for George,” an insider told Us Weekly, and they've been very hands-on with the planning. Not only that, but George seems to have a new hobby (magic!) so his parents hired a magician to entertain the gaggle of guests—when they're on a break from the bouncy castle, that is.

And what better way to fuel a bounce in the prince's blowup castle than a proper sugar high? Cupcakes, candy and ice cream will reportedly be the desserts of choice for the birthday boy. But first, a catered lunch to suit any little one's taste—including the birthday boy's siblings, four-year-old Princess Charlotte and one-year-old Prince Louis, who will be on hand for the festivities. “Kate’s asked [the] to make pizza, pasta and sliders.”

Didn't get an invite to the Kensington Palace bash? Us either, but there's something we can all look forward to—new photos of the petite prince to mark his big day! In Cambridge family tradition, portraits are released each year for their children's birthdays. For his fifth, Prince George showed off his million-dollar smile while posing against a brick wall at Clarence House for photographer Matt Porteous. The shot was taken on the same day as Prince Louis' christening last summer and released one day before his birthday, so we can expect to see some photos this weekend, and we. can't. wait.

As the world delights in their latest glimpse of the future king, he'll be kicking up his heels in the Caribbean on his actual birthday, hopefully digging into some island-worthy treats on the beach. According to The Sun, William, Kate and the kids have jetted to Mustique for some quality time with the Middletons, an annual tradition (and the spot where George first learned to swim!) The family loves the small island in St. Vincent and the Grenadines because it's a no-fly zone, so they get to celebrate Prince George's birthday in paradise for the second year completely unbothered by the pesky paparazzi. Now there's a gift worthy of royalty!

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