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11 summer birthday party ideas

Celebrate your summer baby with one of these fun birthday party themes. They all come with a printable invitation, fun craft and yummy treat.

11 summer birthday party ideas

Photo: Tony Lanz

summer birthday parties

Jungle party

It won’t take much to turn your living room into a lush jungle that’s fit for little monkeys. Throw down faux tropical leaves (available at craft stores) and string up some bold garlands. Start planning: Jungle party 

Two kids play at a jungle themed partyPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Pineapple party

Make your Canadian summer a little more tropical with a pineapple party. Use our template to make the perfect pineapple party hat and have your guests dress in yellow and green to complete the look. Plus, serve up Pineapple Pops for a sweet treat. Start planning: Pineapple party

A table spread for a pineapple partyPhoto: Tony Lanz


Western party

Yee-haw! Get your cowboy boots on for a western party. Take your kid and guests to the Wild West by decorating with burlap and cacti. Set up a watering hole with lemonade to beat the summer heat. Start planning: Western party

Two kids dressed as cowboys getting juice at a booth with a sign that says The Watering HolePhoto: Tony Lanz

Cottage Party

Get a load of the great outdoors with a cottage party theme! You don’t have to drive for hours to cottage country—make a cottage in your backyard with a candy skewer BBQ and trail mix station. Start planning: Cottage party

Jars full of treats for a make your own trail mix bar for a Cottage themed partyPhoto: Tony Lanz

Ninja Turtles party

Throw a Michaelangelo-approved party your kid is sure to love. Get your guests suited up with turtle shells and masks to fight the bad guys! And at the end of the day, treat them to some cupcakes complete with turtle toppers. Start planning: Ninja Turtles party 

11 summer birthday party ideasPhoto: Elizabeth Wong Pagnotta


Rainbow party

School’s out and summer feels like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow! Collect colourful objects laying around the house to decorate, and impress your guests with a rainbow cookie decorating station. Start planning: Rainbow party

11 summer birthday party ideasPhoto: Tony Lanz

Pirate party

Ahoy, matey! Host your pirate party outside and send your kid and his best mates on a treasure hunt. X marks the spot! Start planning: Pirate party 

11 summer birthday party ideasPhoto: Tony Lanz

Woodland party

You’re sure to bring out the party animal in your kid with this fun woodland bash. It’s best done outside for a more realistic feel. Plus, you save money on decorations! Start planning: Woodland party 

Outdoor table spread for a woodland forest partyPhoto: Aria Bethards


Hawaiian party

Escape to the islands with our Hawaiian-themed party! Lay down towels and decorate with flowers and seashells to create a tropical oasis. Serve up sandy cupcakes, fruit kebabs and tropical smoothies to all those hungry kids. Start planning: Hawaiian party

Glasses of blue punch with little umbrellas in front of a garland made to look like a Hawaiian leiPhoto: Tony Lanz

Olympic party

Celebrate your little champion with this gold medal party! Round up your all-star team for a day of fun Olympic-themed events including a game of soccer or frog relay. Everyone goes home a winner thanks to crafted jerseys and cookie medals. Start planning: Olympic party 

Three kids stand in front of garland adorned with flags from different countries at an Olympics themed partyPhoto: Daniel Harrison

Fiesta party

Summer and a fiesta party go together like peanut butter and jelly! Have some fun under the sun with this colourful bash—just don’t forget the sunscreen and hats. Start planning: Fiesta party

11 summer birthday party ideasPhoto: Tony Lanz

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This article was originally published on Jun 17, 2018

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