Orange is the New... Snack?! We're loving this Sesame Street parody of the Netflix original

Piper Snackman is starting her first day at Litchfield Academy and she's brought a healthy snack to share in this Sesame Street parody of Orange is the New Black.

What’s the best way to keep Mom and Dad engaged while co-watching shows with the kids? Make a parody of one of their favourite TV shows, of course. No one does this better than Sesame Street and this time they’re at it again with a hilarious take on the Netflix fan-favourite, Orange is the New Black (OITNB).

Titled Orange is the New Snack, the skit begins with an opening sequence that’s hilariously accurate to the one in OITNB. And instead of Netflix, this show’s presented by Snackfix! The theme song has even been changed to reflect the issue at hand: What is this new, healthy snack that Piper Snackman (a play on Piper Chapman) has brought to class?

In the skit, Piper is the new girl at Litchfield Academy who’s brought an orange to munch on. Red stays true to her character as Head Chef, becoming the cookie-dealing snack monitor who is suspicious of Piper and her new, healthier kind of snack. We’re introduced to other OITNB favourites like Piper’s BFF Crazy Eyes—appropriately renamed Googly Eyes—whose signature naivety has her mistaking Piper’s healthy treat for a ball to play with! Morello, on the other hand, believes that the snack is her love interest, Christopher, and dresses the orange up in a tuxedo and herself in a wedding dress. Piper insists that her snack is none of these things by championing the fruit as a something that’s perfect for sharing with friends.

While the threat of being put in the SHU invokes the same fear in the students of Litchfield Academy as it did the prisoners of Litchfield Penitentiary, it is cleverly reimagined as a literal shoe used for time-out when Piper gets in trouble for not sharing her fruity snack sooner!

The jokes are geared towards parents but that won’t stop kids from enjoying the whacky humour—even if the references go over their heads. It’s not the first time that Sesame Street has parodied a popular television show. The long-running children’s show proved that they have been keeping up with the times with parodies of favourites including Games of ThronesMad Men, True Blood and Boardwalk Empire.

Don’t forget to catch season five of Orange is the New Black on Netflix June 9—just don’t watch this version with the kids!

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