This mom just won the Internet with this teething hack

Did you know you could do this with your breast milk?

When a baby is teething, finding a safe remedy that actually works for your little one’s sore gums and overall fussiness can take some serious patience. (Some teething babies even go on nursing strikes.) But one Ohio mom has blown the minds of everyone on the Internet with a super simple (yet genius) solution to her baby’s teething pain: turning her pumped breast milk into a Popsicle—or “milksicle,” if you will.

After stumbling upon this cool hack, mom Tasia Blackwell shared a video of her son happily devouring the milk pop and explained in her caption that it “helps with his teething pain and helps fill up his tummy.” Her video has since been viewed over 19 million times. It’s honestly such an efficient way to soothe a cranky baby and make sure he’s getting some hydration and nutrition in.

Along with her video, Blackwell shared a shot of how she stores the milksicles: in breast milk bags in the freezer. There’s nothing more to it. (Well, aside from the melting mess and cleanup. There’s a reason she stripped her baby down to his diaper for his frozen treat!)

Would you try this hack with your baby?

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